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I got a bundle from AT&T which included DTV with HD.

I have tried continously and unsuccessfully to get DTV give me the HD that I was promised with the agreement.AT&T refuses to require DTV to honor the agreement.

DTV has offerd to give me the HD but, only if I pay them an additional $10.00 each month for the HD. The more I complain, the more "Run - Around" I get.

They always say that this call is being recorded for educational purposes. I think the calls are recorded just to keeping giving me the same "Ole BS."

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Its people like you that make most call center reps think that america is full of complete morons. directv does not refuse to give hd.

the service is always offered and any service you want you pay for. if you want hd then you need to pay for it. nothing in this world is free. if you want free tv get a digital converter box and stick with your local off air channels.

no matter what an offer has in it if you have to pay for the service. they do record calls for quality and educational reasons. other agents cannot listen to these calls so they have no way of really knowing what another agent has said to you. the fact that they keep giving you the same answer should tell you that they are telling you the truth.

just because its an answer you dont want to hear does not make it wrong. you retarded consumer.

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