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AT&T Has made a complete mockery of customer Service. I am a 25 + year Customer trying to correct a billing issue on their end. At this point I’ve been transferred 3 or 4 times for over 2 hours. Elizabeth # SJK6HY3 and her supervisor should be fired for their offensive gesture, lack of recognizing customer loyalty and horrendous customer resolution skills. $25 credit for 25 years?????

I do not use social media for this purpose but I’m beyond offended.





Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I, too have ATT. Services , internet and phone service.

I refused new contract at end of year, and now have month to month, no contract. That stopped som,e of those hidden fees. Every year, they try to raise the rates, I refuse. They try to bundle my tv.

service, again I said no, and quit using thesesales pitches, and try to please customers, by improving existing the service I already have.

. Also told them to take care of long time customers, 1st, instead of giving new customers, all these frills.


Why would they give someone stupid enough to stick with a group they find irritating anything. They know old sod dusters like you and the OP are too set in your ways to go anywhere else.

If you do, they know you have more days behind you than in front and want to pull in the next group who be old sod dusters.

This group will expect nothing for their longevity with a phone company or a job for that matter. Don't like them, quit them..

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