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To Whom it may concerns,

My name is Danny *** who recently signed up the services with ATT Direct TV on 7/30 after moved to new location. Of course, nice welcome services and greeting was given, and appointment was set up for 8/3 to install my Direct TV, Internet, and home line. Finally, the date comes, Direct TV technician came on time and installed them without any issues. However, I called to follow up with other technician for Internet and Home line installation, end up the 1st customer services told me the technician is on the way now, and should be at my location less than 30 mins around 1:30PM on 8/3. around 4:30PM i called again to follow up, I was transferred over 6 times with different customer services from billing to technical supports to sale and to supervisor…and told me sorry about the troubles seemed like the sale who took my order did not submit the order for what I was looking for. BTW, ATT services for internet and telephone is not avail in your area said by the last customer services representative

Wow, 1st time lied to me about 30 mins arrival, then treat me like an idiot over 6 times with different representatives, and at last, I was promised another sale person will be assigned to call me on 8/4 morning to fix all my issues and dispatch out someone to fix my needs by using ATT sister company Frontier. Fine, I thought everyone could make a mistake right….lets give it one more chance and see what is going to happen! Guess what, 8/4 1:30 PM I called to follow up and got transferred over 8 times with different representatives from different apartments and found out more surprises….

I was told total package $83 dollars monthly first time, then changed to $113 dollars monthly for first 12 months, then after one year later, price will be $163 dollars


worst of all, they don’t know what is going on with my account, nor what they could do for me. At the end, I had decided to cancel all my businesses with ATT / Direct TV because they just don’t know how to do businesses at all. Guess what, a simple cancelation request for an email to advise where I could send the Direct TV boxes and remote back, i called over 3 times with 4 different representatives ….and again, they don’t know what to do. Seriously, is me having problem or ATT is just sucks all the way. Can someone tell me what I could do and who I should talk to to fix this, and how to advise all perhaps post on Facebook or somewhere to let the whole world “””””””””””””””””””””"ATT sucks”””””””””””””””””””lies”””””””””””””””and unprofessional representatives””””””””””””””””””””””””””

Danny *** / 9099006826

Old ATT account number 287038720

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

ATT Cons: Charges that werent explained, Being left on hold for long periods of time, That being taken care of is a ruse.

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