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I was tired of paying the ever increasing digital cable charges with Comcast and decided to bundle with AT&T for wireless service. I already had phone and DSL with AT&T but based on assurances from the 'salesman' service issues had been corrected in my region, I signed on to two years of awful internet, phone and TV service in February 2013.

Two days after installation the TV no longer worked. The installer put the system in my bedroom because it was an easier connection for him in that location and I have to listen to the noisy buzzing unit while I try to sleep. When I complained another service technician simply told me to unplug it rather than agreeing to move it to another location. I was without service for several days earlier this year while a repair crew took their time replacing components in a transformer but was continually lied to by customer service agents who kept telling me repair men would be at my home.

I wasted an entire weekend sitting home waiting for someone to show up and had to keep using minutes on my cell phone calling AT&T customer service since I had no phone, TV or internet access. I have had to make so many complaints about the intermittent service that I have been told the company will waive the contract early termination fee. I have also been given instructions on how to request a 'last attempt to correct' the connection following a 2 1/2 hour telephone call during which I was transferred to numerous departments. Obviously, there is a plan in place for disgruntled consumers but the company makes it very difficult to unravel the loopholes.

As the connectivity issues have become worse again in the last couple of months, thinking my old slow laptop might have been part of the problem, I just bought a gaming system with a lightning fast processor . . . the AT&T Uverse internet connection is worse than ever and even on this very fast computer it is taking 21 minutes to download a small photo.

The connectivity issues also prevent me from working from home since the connection is lost every few minutes and I lose changes to important documents only to find I can't connect when I have to reboot. DSL was 10% faster than wireless and my experience thus far with Uverse wireless is akin to dial-up.

This is a very bad product which needs better technical support and improved technology overall. The company should have perfected the technology before offering this inferior product to consumers.

Monetary Loss: $2094.

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Since I posted my complaint, I have continued to have spotty service and during one discussion with customer service in India, I was forced to agree to a technician coming to my home since the problem was identified by the customer service rep who advised me it also impacted five of my neighbors who were unfortunate enough to sign on to AT&T Uverse. Since I telework twice a week, I try to schedule all service calls on either of my telework days.

I requested the latest appointment window, 4 - 8 because I had several meetings for work earlier that day. While attending a mandatory department meeting via WebEx, I received a call from AT&T at 3:24 and another call at 3:25. As my meeting ran until 3:30 I did not hang up to take AT&T's call but did call the number back half an hour later to be told the technician had some free time, wanted to see if he could come to the appointment earlier than 4:00 and when I didn't answer his phone call, he canceled the ticket. He also indicated they didn't have many service calls that day so someone from his office should be calling me back within 20 minutes to reschedule.

One hour later, I called customer service, had a very rude individual, again in India, argue with me about what the technician told me and then put me on hold for 15 minutes while he chatted with the dispatch department. When he finally returned to the phone again disputing what the technician actually said to me, he 'assured' me a technician would return to my home that same evening. I knew that was another lie so went about my scheduled activities as usual. I received a call a couple of days later from someone in the US trying to reschedule the technician visit.

It was just before the holidays, I already had a plumber at my house extracting money for some other issue and didn't feel like going through the entire thing again. I advised the customer service rep the next time I contacted them would be after the holidays when I'd had time to research a different provider and would call AT&T to cancel my contract.

Very, very poor customer service and an even worse product. Maybe if AT&T would stop lying on these commercials that run every few minutes on TV, they could put more revenue into fixing their shoddy products.

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