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This complaint alleges unauthorized installation of a telephone service followed by billing and dunning for fees for services that were cancelled 4 times, egregious misleading by 12 agents per telephone, failure to obeys laws of Texas involving cancellation of a fraudulent transaction under false pretenses, failing to honor their own contracts, violation of accepted business practices, and the unnecessary and predatory waste of about15 hours of professional time.

I had three telephone numbers with ATT that were easy to remember previously, and I was considering adding TV and internet services eventually. On or about 2/7/20 I called to explore options.

In a conversation with a representative, with a name close to Ava land on 2/9/20 late in the day, when I explained I wanted 2 landlines with numbers easy to remember (I am a physician, and I did want my home numbers to be easy to remember for students in teaching, from institutional people calling me at home, etc). After asking my name, address, and telephone number he told me, and I wrote these down, that the following numbers were available (all 713 area code). He spent a long time (about an hour) on his phone consulting with 2 others to get permission and set things up. He said he got approval, then asked me to choose, but told me to respond quickly the next day.

When I asked his number, he said he would call me back tomorrow without fail.

Those numbers he was offering were (all 713 code)

790-****, 790-****, 790-****, 790-****, 793-****, 794-****, 794-****, 793-****, 790-****, 799-****,

When he did not call back, I again called ATT to give my order, this rep could not be found. After 3 additional calls, I finally reached a supervisor, who after 28 min gave me another number to call the next day. When I called that number. After an obligatory waiting time of up to 55 min again spoke to a supervisor who said she would look into it and get back to me to take my final order with a menu of numbers available.

She did not call back. On the next call, the receptionist consulted with her supervisor who said they were no longer installing landlines, just phone numbers with bundles (absolute nonsense since they have an entire unit devoted to this). After two more similar suggestions, I finally reached a person who came back with numbers and I ordered 713 790 **** (order # N872689) and 713-791-**** (#N872690). This was confirmed by the rep after speaking with another superior.

I hold an unlimited power of attorney executed before a notary, to conduct any and all business related to these accounts by my partner at the same address and contact information.

On 3/10/20 installer Robert Joseph arrived to install both numbers and an ATT jack in a new location.

He installed 791-**** but then returned and said he could not install 790-**** because the order was defective when written up, or never hit the system, or the linesman made an error. He called twice to his supervisors who said they needed to secure another number. After waiting 10 min, Mr. Joseph gave me his card and said he would be back to run the jack later after a new number was supplied by his company.

I did not hear about it again. On 3/15/20 I called as a follow up. None of the respondents at ATT could find the problem and get a new number, 2 were unable to identify the installation numbers, even after I gave them accurately. After a sequence of nearly 7 more calls at an average wait tine of 55 min, on 3-17-20 a rep said that since she could not find the 713 79*-888 order details with that installation number, but even without such identification, she would purge the records from the system, meaning that any hope of finalizing the installation was eliminated.

She did subsequently this was confirmed by two other reps.

In the next telephone call, I was given the number 713/790-**** with a confirmation order N880115. No installation date was ever supplied. On 3/19/20, another definite order was taken for 713/790-**** with an installation number. Either in the evening or following morning I was called to tell me that no telephone numbers with exchanges 790 -through 799 were being issued at all.

(a blatant lie). Soon thereafter, I called for an account number and was told none could be issued over the phone and it would come by mail. It never did. In a subsequent fort to secure a number in place of 713/790-****, I was told that these were not available to me because I was out of the district, and wiring was difficult.

When I said that one number with the exchange 791- was just installed, and installation numbers for two others with 790- were approved and assigned by the office that coordinates installation, the rep answered I don't know anything about that. When I asked for a supervisor, she hung up.

All told, in a grand total of 12+ calls 15 hours, two more installation numbers, I was given an answer that was different from all others, contrary to the facts, and untrue by just as many reps, including 5 supervisors. This included 4 hang-ups when the rep or supervisor realized no reply was believable or made sense. The more interesting ones were (i) I imagined all these events (including the installation number and date of installation by the installer.

Oh, and I imagined his business card too), (ii) the order was entered incorrectly, (iii) all the reps before misled me because they did not know the procedures, (iv) the linesman responsible fore supplying the connection to the box failed to do his job, (v) the assignment office did not know how to arrange the installation correctly, (vi) the order number was incorrect (now difficult to show since it was deleted by a rep who said it was complicating things), (viii) both original installation numbers and telephone numbers were confirmed twice beforehand by reps who called me to remind me about the installation date and fees.

A side show is illustrative of the disorganization, disrespect, and illegal activities at ATT. On 3/10/20 in one of my calls to ATT (to 800-288-****), when I explained what happened, the rep said I need to be transferred to landline services, 855-250-****. When I again explained the problem, that rep said I needed to speak to the business telephone service at 855-350-****. A rep came on the line and again looked up numbers available.

She said only 713-218-**** was available and I should move fast before it disappears. After 2-3 sentences of sales pitch she said give me the order right now. I said no, and loudly replied if I want to give you the order I will call you back. These were my exact final words.

Much to my surprise, in bout10 days I was called by an installer, who said he was outside at the box about to install 713-218-****.

I said I did not agree to this installation, and this order should be cancelled. He said oh, I'm glad you told me. I thought since it was so emphatic and acknowledged by that installer, that was the end of it. But just a few days later, I received a bill for $229.33.

I then called and a rep told me he understood and would cancel the bill and the installation. I mentioned that in Texas, a contract could be reversed without penalty under these circumstances. He agreed. However, on about 4/1/20 I decided to check up on the cancellation, and it still had not been done.

Five more sheets of bills ensued, followed by two dunning and threatening letters, the last just 2 days ago. All after 4 attempts to get this cancelled on an order I never agreed to in the first place that was illegally foisted upon me I was still unsuccessful.

There is an epilogue to the unending sequence of this maze of unending misleading white and more serious lies. While attempting to cancel the above number, I mentioned that on the original installation the promised new jack was never completed. ATT then scheduled another technician who came to do this on 3-22-2020.

His name was Raphael Latson, who gave me his business card. He did install the jack but it did not work, although he insisted it did with the single line. Here's the rub separate charge was made for that visit, even though it was supposed to be included in the prior visit of 3/10/20.

A representative of ATT, Mr. Watts, called on 7/10/20 and said I will have billing call you but your other items (2 and 3 below) are just not gong to happen.

Although it was unclear why he called, he asked why was I going to file complaints. The answer is that I was wronged in multiple ways. He seemed to think since these striking events were unintentional they were unimportant, but the facts speak for themselves. A corporate entity is the captain of the ship, and is responsible for multiple egregious acts, especially potentially illegal contracts and installation of unwanted service, that inflict harm repeatedly over time.

I am entitled to seek proper relief. It is interesting that Mr. Watts would in no way compromise.

Is confusion, chaos, evasive and inconsistent replies, multiple errors, failure to honor their own agreements, incredible waste of your time, and to boot, obstructive denial, what you want in your internet, phone, and TV provider?

The relief sought is the following:

1.Cancellation of all bills on 713 218 ****, and refund of all monies already paid on this account. ATT was advised 4 times this service was never ordered, and cancelled.


Reimbursement for 15 hours professional time (I will supply a contract setting forth my current reimbursement rate)


Installation of 2 of the numbers above (all 713---790-****, 790-****, 790-****, 790-****, 793-****, 794-****, 794-****, 793-****) without charge, into the jack already installed, to be billed at the ongoing rate without the front load or fees technician visit (already paid for previously), and

3.Any just and proper punishment established by an external objective entity.

Avoid ATT without fail, based upon my experiences.

User's recommendation: Avoid ATT without fail.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Installation.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Cancel and refund, Compensation for time, or installation of one of telephone numbers above..

ATT Cons: Atrocious behavior, Failure to honor contracts, False information, Unlawful installation of service, Advice from over 12 reps that contradicted each other.

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