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I really don't even know where to begin. My fiancé and I have always been fans of AT&;T and have never really had any issues.

However, this past month has been a nightmare. He decided to upgrade his device. He was told it would be here next day. He received a confirmation email that stated his phone wouldnt be here until October or November.

So, on the phone again with AT&T to cancel that order and to put another one through(this was a Saturday or Sunday I believe, so it wouldnt be here until Monday). Monday came and went. Tuesday came and went. Pretty sure it was Tuesday when he called.

No one could tell him anything about the phone, where it was at, why it wasn't here, etc. At&t originally said it wasnt THEIR place to call FedEx(when they are contracted with at&t ) and we needed to do it ourselves. So we are on the phone nonstop for a week trying to find out what is going on. Still, no one knows.

Finally, the phone arrived a week and a half after it was supposed to. One would think the problem is over, right?? WRONG!! He called to activate his phone.

It works for an hour and then just nothing. No calls, no texts, no internet, nothing. We call and have them activate it again and this vicious cycle literally continued for another week or week and a half. Come to find out, someone with at&t reported it stolen and it was blacklisted, but still every time we would call customer service, "I assure you i will fix your problem".

WRONG. It may work for an hour tops, and then deactivate. Imagine how aggrivating that would be. Every time calling repeating the same thing to 50 different people just to get transferred and bounced around for literally hours a day.

We should have been on their payroll. So finally, i dont even remember who finally fixed it, but thank God. All I wanted for my birthday was for my fiancé's phone to work so I could quit hearing about it. Then a few days later, our internet goes out.

He calls at&t, tried to troubleshoot, but customer service thought the gateway was fried, so he sent out another modem and we got it a few days later. Turns out that wasnt the problem. To be honest, we still arent sure what the problem is. All we know is they set us up a tech for Monday, 8/9/2021(Literally, 2.5 weeks total of no internet IF the tech can even fix it).

Two of three devices on the plan have not worked half the month and today, in the mail, I got a Customer Service Summary telling me my next bill is going to be $515.94 and every month after that, it will be $352.94. Our bill is already almost $300 for two cell phones and *** internet, so when we switched plans, it was to LOWER our bill, not make it even crazier. I get told our original introductory internet plan was almost at a year and it would go up $20/month. Ok, but that doesnt explain: (a:)why the bill jumped from $278 to $515 for one month, then to $352 and (b) thats not an increase of $20.

Thats an increase of between $70-$240 when we already pay through the nose for what we have. Got in touch with customer service..... AGAIN, got bounced around to 4 or 5 reps, having to reexplain everything and no one could tell me a damn thing, but to disregard the piece of mail, the at&t bill, that came to our home. This past has definitely left a verry sour/bitter taste in our mouths about At&t.

We have been with yall for years and we definitely don't feel that we are "valued customers". I know the customer isn't always right(Ive been in customer service practically my whole life and believe me, I know this), but At&t has done absolutely nothing but give us headaches for the past month, not to mention 2 devices not working half the month(through no fault of our own), but we still owe the whole bill, and now almost twice our normal bill that is already too damn high when the bill is supposed to be going down(the whe reason we changed plans... to save money). This is getting ridiculous and it's a struggle for me to talk my fiancé into not changing companys for both wireless and internet.

I really dont know what else to say other than if things like this continue to happen, we will have no choice but to go get services from somewhere else instead of At&t. Thank you for hearing me out

User's recommendation: Go to another company.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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