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I have been a small business customer of AT&T for over 24 years at 2 different locations (same company) and have never been lied to an mislead by anybody or company more than AT&T. I'm thankful that I'm not a violent person but this company has set my blood pressure through the roof on countless occasions.

Over the years, we have lost DSL service (high speed not available at our rural location) and phone service with no compensation on their end. I found on more than 80% of the time it was their fault where untrained techs switch lines or some of a million other lame excuses that they come up with. Now of course, all customer service calls mostly go out of this country to offices that are full of illiterate people. I say this because I have proof of their complete incompetence regarding English instructions.

My most recent experience is just a fresh reminder of their terrible execution of simple tasks. On 7/8/19, I put a request in to terminate a business line which we used for our fax and DSL, with the DSL to be parked onto our main business line. This is what is called a warm transfer and should occur overnight when most businesses are closed. It didn't even require a service tech to come out.

So guess what AT&T did??? They kept the fax and DSL line open after we started calling from the end of July to find out why the order wasn't completed because we were concerned that they would keep billing us and screw our billing up and create a major battle with the incompetent billing department. Then on 9/4, AT&T decided to disconnect the fax line which also disconnected our DSL line. We lost a lot of business on that day since our service dispatch comes form the internet.

I spent 9 hours on the phone with AT&T a talked to 7 different so called trained professionals. Our most recent problem, today on 9/24 is with our DSL internet service again which started yesterday afternoon.

All data incoming and historic info is locked up and blank. At&T should be completed embarassed by their perfromance

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Do not sign up for AT&T Direct TV offer. I signed up at Puyallup fair and it turned to be the worst deal of my life.

There was fraud, misleading lying, communication problems. Do not fall for this scam like I did, you will be sorry.