my phone number which my account is available is On January 1926 our service was disconnected due to fraud evidently somebody within the AT&T family and used my debit card for other purchases therefore when I notified my bank they mustve sent a notice of dispute to AT&T then AT&T disconnected our service on the 26 in the morning time because of the fraud. Our bill was $52 per month for AT&T TV if you notice on our account the new one and the previous one that now the new account is $65 per month this was done through no fault of mine so why am I having to pay the higher price I have tried contacting AT&T customer service but there is no one that can help with the situation not onlyIs this the issue is a cost other problems for my checking account and which caused me to have to cancel my debit card and now I have to pay the higher price this to me seems very unfair if someone could get back with me I would greatly appreciate it thank you

Location: Houston, Texas

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