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Update by user Aug 08, 2018

Received my AT&T bill a couple of weeks ago. While the phone is not listed on the bill, they are trying to slip the charges the phone I returned to the Riverside CA store (6/18/18) as past due charges.

In the call I made a month ago they said the issue was "still under investigation" and no charges related to the line would be charged. Now AT&T has changed their story saying the charges were accrued for usage in May! Are you kidding me? Again, AT&T is to most corrupt deceitful company I've ever dealt with.

It's all about trying to upsell consumers at any cost! Switch your AT&T business to other phone and internet providers!

Update by user Jul 11, 2018

7/11/18 - Once more, I've been reminded that AT&T is a fraudulent company whose primary focus is getting the most money out of customers with no regard for customer satisfaction. Representatives in branch stores, like the Riverside, CA store by the Tyler Mall are compensated based on sales volume.

Accordingly, when I went there to get a new phone for my wife, the representative told I could obtain a phone to use in case of emergency for only $5.00 a month more. Unfortunately, I said yes. When the first bill came charges for the phone were over $50.00 month. I returned the phone to the store this June.

When I returned home, I talked to an AT&T representative by phone who confirmed the phone had been returned, the line had been cancelled and there would be no further charges. Since then the charges for the phone keep appearing on the bill. In three subsequent phone calls, it was confirmed the phone had been returned. Today, almost a month later, the charges are back on.

I was now told the situation in under investigation, but the charges remain in place. I'm pissed! Don't get sucked in by AT&T and their schemes. I urge you to get your phone, internet, TV and wireless from anyone other than AT&T!

They are the WORST!!! I was sold a phone last summer

Original review posted by user Jun 26, 2018

AT&T Phone Line Cancelation and Phone Return

6/13/18 - Contacted AT&T Customer Service to cancel extra phone line and phone installment purchase agreement) that was fraudulently sold to me in July, 2017 at the AT&T store near The Tyler Mall in Riverside, CA. On my visit to get a replacement cell phone for my wife (her phone had stopped working) The male representative I met with offered another line on the basis that it could serve as a backup in case of emergency, and that the additional phone would only cost $5.00/month extra on the bill. In fact, charges on May 15, 2018 bill were $55.46, reflective of the monthly charges for the extra phone and phone line since last July. In fact the monthly charges for the additional phone are the most expensive of our 4 wireless phones on our AT&T wireless phone plan.

On the call of 6/13/18, I talked to AT&T representative named Shawn. After I explained the situation, he proceeded to talk with his supervisor. It was agreed to cancel the phone line as well as the installment plan for the phone, with the condition that I return the phone to the AT&T store where I purchased it. I repeated my understanding of the agreement (cancelation of the phone, cancellation of the installment phone charges) twice and he said yes both times.

6/18/18 – As directed I took the phone to the AT&T store in Riverside CA, arriving at approximately 11:15 am. I was eventually approached by a female representative to whom I explained the situation (that AT&T had agreed to cancel both the phone line and the installment payments for the phone, and that I was returning the phone as instructed.) I had the May, 2018 bill in my possession and showed her information about the phone I was cancelling. After looking up my account information on her tablet, she responded that there was no manager at the store currently, and that she would have to wait for someone to return. Again, I explained the agreement and that I merely wanted to drop off the phone. She went back to reviewing the account information both on her tablet as well as the hardcopy of my bill. After several minutes, she repeated that she couldn’t do anything until “her supervisor” returned. With that I placed the phone in front of her on the counter, said “good luck”, and left the store.

Returning home on 6/18/18 around 12:30pm, I called AT&T Customer Service again to confirm that I had returned the phone and confirm that no further charges would be incurred for 951-333-9268 phone line or phone. I talked with a representative named Micky. (She said her name was like Mickey Mouse but without the “e”). I explained the situation and told her I had just dropped off the phone at the AT&T store in Riverside, CA. In reviewing my account information, Micky confirmed my conversation with Shawn on 6/13/18, and that both the phone line and monthly phone installment charges had been cancelled. She noted in the records that, on 6/18/18 I had returned the phone as instructed. I asked her to confirm once again that there would be no more charges on the bill for the phone line and phone installment purchase, and she answered affirmatively that there would be no more charges associated with the phone or phone line. In fact, Micky provided me with her ID number in case I needed to further confirm our discussion.

6/25/18 – Received monthly AT&T bill which included a $403.27 charge for the phone which I returned on 6/18/18 to the AT&T store in Riverside CA. I immediately called AT&T Customer Service. I explained the situation (that I had been told on 6/13 that charges for the phone line and the phone had been canceled and directed to return the phone to the Riverside store). After he put me on hold for some time, the representative told me that the situation was being reviewed. After me repeatedly asking, he said the phone bill for the period was $340.62 and that I would not have to pay the $403.27 charges.

6/26/18 - Received an e-mail this morning from AT&T stating I owed $403.27 (for the phone I returned) and that if the amount wasn't paid by the end of July our AT&T service would be suspended!

I'm pissed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $403.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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