Corpus Christi, Texas

I went to AT&T on August 29, 2014 to get a new charger cord for my son's phone. The rep.

pulled up my bill and said "You are paying over $300/month! You need to change to the "Share" plan and it will cut your bill in half. Additionally, we have a Labor Day Special running right now where you get a free iPad Air for changing plans." I was skeptical and asked repeatedly if it was really free. I was assured it was a free iPad just for changing plans.

We just got our bill, and not only is it higher that our former plan, we were charged $629.99 for the iPad!!!

(payable in 20 monthly installments) We rushed back to the AT&T store and they claim no knowledge of a free iPad offer and refused to take back the iPad and refund our money as it has been 19 days since purchase and they have a 2 week refund policy. I am furious!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

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A nice commission was made on that iPad, I bet. What is wrong with our society that this is acceptable?!?!


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