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Had the worst experience with AT&T internet services. First I speak with a rep who recommended that I get the mobile hotspot stating that they do not have overage charges on devices (stated that they will just throttle internet speeds), telling me that DSL is not worth the money.

I pay the activation fees and product fees and start using the hotspot. Within four days, I get an email stating that I went over the data and I owe 15 dollars per Gb that I used. I called the company back and they stated that I should’ve been informed. I tell them that the rep told me there would be no overage charges, but all they could tell me is sorry and if I would like to cancel.

I cancel and asked if I would be refunded my activation fees, but they told me no because it has been longer than 72 hours. I asked if I can have my overage charges credited, but they tell me to call back at a later date. All of this due to the lie that the first representative fed me when activating the device.

Called back because apparently they are the sole providers of internet in the area, and the dsl representative tells me that the other guy was crazy and should not have done that. I ask him if he could look at maybe waving the activation fee for the dsl because I already paid for the other device but he tells me that the hotspot is not his department and he doesn’t have anything to do with that.

Unfortunately, because we need internet, I paid a second activation fee for the DSL.

If I could have avoided using AT&T, I would have. Poor customer service and the employees seem to work solely for themselves rather than a team within the department.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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