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Subject: Re: What is the status of your issue with ATT Hello and thanks for reaching out. AT&T never reached out to me at all to try and win back a 20 year customer????

In fact they held my wife’s number hostage after multiple requests to release it so it could be ported to T-Mobile. I had to request that they do it 4 different times before they did it and of course they sent me another bill as the paid off phone number was not being released to us. It really highlights their questionable business practices and terrible customer service as well as lack of honesty, ethics, and probably criminal business practices. If you are a Veteran or a consumer that wants a great cell phone company I highly recommend T-Mobile.

They are rock stars and have great customer service. I love my Netflix’s subscription they gave me as well as T-Mobile Tuesdays! AT&T will never again get my money and I will not forgive them for not having a Veterans program.

It is abhorrent they discard the very people that protect and protected this country Iike so much trash. Nice job AT&T!

Original review posted by user May 28, 2018

Dear AT&T cellular I wish you farewell after 20 years as a loyal customer and a military veteran of several wars. Thank you for not having a military program for your veterans, it is nice to see you don’t support our country and those that have paid a price that you convientily forget.

I was misled and lied to multiple time when I renewed my most recent contract and phones with you. First it was unlimited Data, Text and Voice, lies, then it was my trip to Mexico and the promise of my bill not being effected but when it showed up it was over $300.00 dollars and then it was a message about my data going over and being changed an extra $15.00 dollars a day after it was supposed to be into a new billing cycle.

All in all a brilliant example of incomptiencey and lack of carrying about their customer base. So yesterday I moved my service to T-Mobile who offers everything you don’t or would not offer me. I told you customer loyalty people that I wanted to stay with you but they could not even get in the same ball park of T-Mobile.

I tried to be reasonable and your people were nice on the phone but at the end of the day I was simple told you could not match you compition for a 20 year loyal custome. That should sum it up pretty much on the cell phone side. Go with a company that values it veterans and loyal customers since AT&T does not.

Now on to Direct TV that I have been with for 14 + years, you are next on my cutting list. I was transferred to them after my disappointing call with the cellular group and ran into pretty much the same the “we cant compete line of our competition line of reasoning”. Well I have too many options at much better prices for far less than you so the cutting will begin. Thanks again for your lack of support for veterans and loyal customers. It speaks volumes and I hope others take their business to your compitietion as you have no care for either group. Again I tried to give the person I talked to the chance to keep my business and was let down with “ well we just cant offer that”.

So fearwell to you both, I gave you my best and my money only to be rewarded with this. Shame on you AT&T. If you have their service I recommend you take a look at your options as they are pletiful and much cheaper and I believe their competitors at least care about customer loyally and veterans.

THe horse if out of the barn now, I gave all of your people the chance to keep me as a custome and non could do it. I hope this posting is beneficial to other consumers out there who wish for a reasonable priced and consumer friendly company who also values veterans that served their country. AT&T clearly does not.

If you would like further details you can contact me at

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I totally agree with you. I am very disappointed that at & T let the loyal customers down.

Specially to our veterans who gave and served their life. I will cancel my at & T family plan and go somewhere else too.


I am right there with you. My wife and I were lied to also.

I can see them *** off loyal costumers but to do that to veterans who serve our country in securing their freedom to screw people over is not cool. CMON man. I'm changing my phone plan.

Thanks Eric.Christi. and thanks for your service.

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