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I work from home and the phone is an extremely important part of my business. This weekend I had no phone service.

ATT customer service told me that I should make sure the problem was not my phone. I told the lady I would go buy a new phone as I did not have an extra one. She said I am not telling you to go buy a phone! I said, I understand that. She then recommended I go knock on my neighbor(s) doors and try my phone in their home.

The ATT rep told me if the problem with the line was in my home as opposed to being outside my home I would have to pay them to fix it and for coming.

Someone came today and "fixed" the problem that was outside. I had phone service for approx. 3 hours and then it quit working again. I have spent hours on the phone with ATT over this issue talking to a different service rep each time. ATT sent me 2 confusing emails today. One saying the problem had been fixed and another saying they could not fix the problem because I was not in the home to let them in! What? None of the service reps understood what they emails were about.

For the past 2 weeks I have been on the phone with ATT for hours! Last week the problem was my email quite working completely. Every time they do a "security upgrade" my email is dead and I have to call them (hours) and finally speak to a level 2 tech who can figure out why. This of course is not until after the initial tech has me jump through all kinds of hoops unpluging my modem, turn off my computer, wait 5 minutes etc...

I give up. I switched service providers today. I do not trust ATT anymore. My service has been horrible. I browsed their site and did all sorts of seaches to find a way to complain directly to them and there is no customer complaint option.

Goodbye ATT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

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att still owns the outside wire - on pole to the office - so you arenot switching you are paying your bill to somebody else - that is all - you still havethe same -pipe - that caries your dialtone



donot you have a demarc where you can go and check if the trouble is inside or outside .... just open the phone box- that is attached to your house - and plug a phone their , if you have a dial tone then the problem will be inside , if no dial tone there then the problen is outside .......

just trying to help

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