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Me :

- Selections: U-verse Internet > Agent Group - HS_SS-Uverse - Chat - No Authentication

AT&T : Hello! How may I help you today?

Me : last payment i paid the full balance of xxx

Me : and now for next following month att is charging me 96?

Me : if this is the case cancel my account

Me : Account: 137502269

AT&T : Hello my name is Aaron B. I'll be happy to assist you today.

Me : last payment i paid the full balance of 140

Me: and now for next following month att is charging me 96?

Me: if this is the case cancel my account

Me: Account: 137502269

AT&T : I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.

Me : Current Bill for Jun 27 - Jul 26, 2015

expand Account Charges $49.00

collapse U-verse Internet

collapse Monthly Plan Charges for 07/27 - 08/26

AT&T U-verse Internet Pro Stand-alone$47.00

Total Monthly Plan Charges$47.00

Total U-verse Internet Charges$47.00

Total New Charges$96.00

Total Amount Due:

Amount Due in Full by Aug 16, 2015


AT&T : Let me check and assist you with the best I can do.

Me : Previous Balance$139.22

expand Payments −$139.22

Total Balance From Previous Activity $0.00


Me : i noticed new customers get charged less

Me : but customers that stay long get robbed

AT&T : I can certainly understand your concern. Let me check what best I can do to reduce your bill.

AT&T : Thank you for the details.

AT&T : Please allow me a moment, while I access your account.

AT&T : I'm reviewing your bill and I'm working with my resources to get you a promotion.

AT&T : Please bear with me.

Me : ok

AT&T : I reviewed your bill and I see that your account was suspended due to non-payment, In order to restore the services there was a restoral charge of $49.

AT&T : If in case you feel that these charges are invalid, let me get you a Specialist from Accounts Receivable Team who will assist you with the restoral charge.

Me : i already paid them

Me : with the xxx i paid

AT&T : Let me check that for you.

Me : and now im getting charged twice

AT&T : I do see that there was a restoral charge in your previous bill and you have paid it. Do not worry, our Accounts Team will take care of those charges. Before connecting you to Accounts team I have a great deal for your Internet services.

AT&T : I see that currently you are paying $47 for 3Mbps Internet speed. I can enhance you speed to 6.0Mbps high speed for the same price you are paying currently for the next 6 months.

AT&T : How does that sounds for you?

AT&T : With 6.0Mbps high speed Internet you can connect up to 4 Wired devices and 10 Wireless devices.

Me : i was originally paying less

Me : and prices just for regular internet go up

AT&T : I can certainly understand. I see that the introductory promotion has been expired and currently you have been charged under regular pricing.

Me : i dont need that high price i originally started at 14.99 not 50 dollars

AT&T : I wish there would have been such promotion from my end to add it, Unfortunately, there is no such introductory Promotion.

AT&T : Currently, I can get you a free Upgrade Promotion from my end.

AT&T : Where you can experience a high speed of 6.0Mbps.

AT&T : I don't want you to miss on this free qualifying promotion.

Me : what was my older pricing

AT&T : I want you to take advantage of it.

Me : around 30 34

AT&T : Let me check that for you.

Me : i cant afford paying 50 every month

AT&T : I see that previously you were paying $34.95 for 3.0Mbps speed.

Me : thats my question how do you from 34 to 48

Me : for same plan

AT&T : The regular pricing of 3.0Mbps plan is $47, you were getting a promotion of $11.05 which got expired and hence you have been charged under regular pricing.

AT&T : From my end, I'll update your account in my database so that you are notified about Special Promotions and Loyalty Discounts via email in future.

Me : always i been with att overr 8 years

Me : so for being loyal i get charged more and new customers get discounts that how it works

AT&T : I truly appreciate your loyalty with us.

Me : i have to pay for you to bring new customers and give them the promotions

Me : by paying more

AT&T : The introductory promotion is for the first 12 months for the new customers, once the promotion expires they will be charged under regular pricing. I'm sure that AT&T will get you a Loyalty Promotion soon.

AT&T : Since I have Updayed your account in my database you will be notified via email about the Loyalty Discounts. For now, I strongly recommend you to take advantage of this free Upgrade Promotion.

Me : so i just paid a restoral fee last payment and following bill i get another restoring bill?

Me : how is that possible?

AT&T : Do not worry, our Accounts Team will take care of the restroal charges.

Me : ok but its whopping 48 dollar restoring fee

AT&T : I understand.

Me : another whole month

Me : so im not a getting no reduction on the plan just an extra mg6 which i dont need

AT&T : I can certainly understand, they will look into it and help you with the charges, before connecting you to Accounts Team, how can we go about free promotion?

Me : original promotion was 14.99 and it kept crawling up to 50 in next years at this rate i will be paying a xxx per month

AT&T : I personally want you to get the discounted price as well as the upgrade on the Internet. I assure you that it will not happen to you as this is the guaranteed best price.

Me : 14.99 then promotion ended 24.99 supposedly promotion ended 34.99 and supposedly promotion ended now 47.99

Me : its a pattern next time it will say 47.99 now 60 promotion ended

Me : it should have stopped at 24.99 since first promotion ended

AT&T : I will not let this happen as we will be notifying you about the expiry of the promotion on your monthly bills.

AT&T : For your convenience, I will provide you the date when the promotions get expires, so that you can make a note of the date on the Calendar which will help you remember to contact us.

AT&T : The reason I am suggesting you this plan, once you have used all the higher plans we have with the promotional discount, you will be qualifying for better discounts going forward based on the credit scores you have maintained with AT&T.

AT&T : From my end, I will be making recommendations on your account about adding better discounts one the current discounts ends.

Me : the 6mg plan

AT&T : Yes, its the 6 Mbps plan which is absolutely free of cost.

Me : i just have a computer and phone

Me : in a apartament

Me : how is that going to make a real diffrence

AT&T : The speed will be extremely fast as it is 6 Mbps speed which is more reliable and can be used on up to 10 wireless devices.

AT&T : The browsing and streaming of the videos will be real quick.

Me : well that sounds nice but at that speed att will either later on raise price like they have been doing to me these last few years

Me : wasnt looking for more speed just a lower plan

AT&T : I will tell you what exactly happens. I am sure that it will be convenient to you.

AT&T : I hear you and from my end I have tried all the discounts we have for you and this was the only discount available at the moment. Regarding the price increase, I assure you that this will be the guaranteed best price.

AT&T : If ever there is any deviation in the price, the amount of credit increased will be issued back to you. For your reference, you can have this chat transcript saved as being an AT&T specialist, I am assuring you.

Me : for now i will try this but if later on if don't get a promotion even if its for 3 mg i will have to leave since the price of 50 dollars is way to high just for internet alone

AT&T : Sure!

AT&T : Just allow me a moment, while I place this order for you.

AT&T : Approx 26 days will be billed at the new rate, resulting in an estimated credit of -$4.33. added to your next bill for partial

month billing.

• Your next bill estimated amount is $42.67 plus taxes and fees.

Me : internet alone nothing else 50 att prices are going to high driving customers away. and just pleasing new customers with promotions will customers that been herre for years just pay more

Me : ok i will try this since i need the internet

AT&T : I will take your feedback and share with my Manager. I'll make sure that you are notified about the Special Promotion and Loyalty Discount you get qualified in future. I have successfully placed the order for you. The order confirmation number is 1885573466A.

Me : i understand your doing your job

AT&T : Thank you.

AT&T : Let me connect you to Accounts Receivable Team to get the assistance for the restoral charge.

AT&T : Thank you for contacting AT&T my name is Harrison I'd be happy to assist you today. One moment while I review your previous chat, please.

AT&T : Thank you. I see your concern is the restoral fee. One moment while I see what I can do.

Me : also my parents just pened a att internet not long ago and are paying 16 a moth

Me : a month

Me : so im getting charged not double but triple

AT&T : Due to a new policy at At&t I am no longer allowed to credit restoral fees for any reason besides an At&t error. Due to your situation, what I can do is credit you $25 towards that fee in order to ease the amount of your next bill. In the future please contact us and set up a payment arrangement if needed before suspension to keep these fees from incurring.

AT&T : I have no access to prices or plans what so ever. I am sorry for the inconvenience there.

Me : but last bill i paid full balance

Me : and a restoring fee

Me : and i got charged another restoring fee

Me : after paying full balance?

Me : from the other agent saying he was going to remove i guess it was a lie

AT&T : You were suspended on 6/03 and 6/30 for non pay.

Me : but paid full amount on 6/30

Me : including restoring fee

AT&T : That was sadly after suspension had occurred.

Me : ok then close the account

AT&T : Hence, ther reason it is on this bill as well.

Me : put on collection

AT&T : In order to cancel services you will need to call in at 1.800.288.2020 available Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Saturday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. I apologize for any delay in resolving your concerns.

Me : i will do that

Me : and also post this conversation of contardicting agents

Me : one says one thing another a different


Me : what can i expect from a company that gives promotions to new customers and robbes loyal customers

AT&T : Once again, thank you for contacting AT&T my name is Harrison I hope you have a great rest of your day.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

ATT Pros: Management.

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