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On the very first day when ATT came to install I though everything was going great. They were polite, quick, and the service was up and running in no time. That was, of course, until I went outside and found out that the ATT technician cut my previous cables that were used for my Comcast service. I was miffed, but wasn't too concerned about it since I had ATT now.

Fast forward 2 years later towards the end of my contract. I wasn't happy. The speeds were not what I expected it to be, my TV was constantly freezing up due to connectivity issues, and my bill wasn't that far off from what I was paying with Comcast; I just now had inferior service. I ended up calling Comcast to switch over. However, when the Comcast tech saw that my cables were cut up he informed me that I had to pay an extra $120 to run new cables all through my house. I didn't have the money for it, and so contacted ATT to see if there were any promotions available; the tech was willing to give me discount for 12 months that would've brought my bill to... exactly what is was before....some promotion.

So I continued service until about halfway through the year when I got my funds together to switch back over to Comcast. Now here is where I get really pissed off. When I contact ATT to cancel my service they tell me that I would be charged an early termination fee (ETF) for breaking my contract....what contract???? I never agreed to a contract and the rep never informed me of one when she offered the discounts. After talking to several CSR that kept telling me the same thing ("I ended my contract early and I had to pay the ETF") I finally got one of them to send me the customer service summary that they supposedly sent to me the day I got the discounts. Not only did I never receive the order summary, but the order summary that they stated tells me everything I need to know does not state that I was in a contract. All it states is that I would have a discount for 12 months. After telling the CSR that the summary does not give me a contract expiration date he proceeded to tell me that it wasn't on the summary, but that there are notes on the account that says the CSR who provided me the discounts told me of the contract. Funny how they can come up with that conclusion when they can't see the transcripts of the actual chats.

This CSR was willing to give me a credit of 57.30 to 0 out my account. Mind you the ETF was 99 and the only reason my bill was reduced was because I overpaid my last bill. I wanted my money back; the CSR told me he would refer my case to a back end team. Fast forward a week later and after chatting with another CSR I was told that the previous one never opened a case for my issue (really?), and so I had to wait ANOTHER week for me to get a response. Fast forward two more weeks and still no response, so back to chat I go.

After stating I wanted to check on the status of my previous issue this last CSR was very adamant about letting me know that the ETF is still valid and that I had to pay my bill. After telling her several times that no I already explained this issue and was supposed to be given a credit the issue was finally resolved AFTER I copy and pasted the transcript with the CSR who was willing to 0 out my account, a transcript that I was told they would have access to (I am so thankful that I emailed those chat transcripts to myself). I didn't get my $40 dollar overpayment back, but at that point I didn't care; I just wanted to be done with this company.

Needless to say if you ever have problems with this company make sure you cover yourself. I always use the chat feature because it give you the option to email the transcript to yourself as proof that the conversation happened. If I hadn't been able to provide that transcript I would've been out 100 bucks instead of 40. Never again will I go back.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

ATT Pros: Equipment, Ability to email chat sessions.

ATT Cons: Billing and resolution, Bill, Csr who do not do their job, Inaccurate information, Cutting cables without permission.

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