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You know, I'm a fairly busy person. So I must be REALLY disappointed to take the time to write this, and I think that more than anything expresses how I must feel about my experiences with AT&T.

As I was writing this, I spoke to a friend on mine in England (I'm in the U.S.), and told him how terrible the customer service was with my wireless carrier. To date he said "it's not AT&T is it?", to which I replied "How the *** did you know that!". He said that he too had horrible experiences with them. I didn't even know AT&T provided wireless service in England!

That should tell you everything you need to know, but if not then feel free to read below. Last week I spent FAR too much time trying to get my account unlocked. It had been locked because a new application I installed on my SmartPhone triggered a Fraud Alert and the result is that my online access and access to my voice mail was locked. I'm actually happy about that as it's part of AT&T protecting me and my AT&T account.

My issue is with the person at Customer Service whom "helped" me. She was nice, but she didn't know what she was doing. It took me about 25 minutes to get through to Customer Service, not a pleasant experience but one that I'm sure everyone is getting used to. When I got through to "Mary", she politely asked my permission to place me on hold for about 2 minutes while she reviewed what was going on with my account (again, pretty standard).

But every 20 to 30 seconds she came back on the line to thank me for my patience and inform me that she would place my call on hold while she reviewed my account. This exact thing (including her script) went on for about 20 minutes (with her coming back every 20 to 30 seconds) and when she tried to start another "thank you for your patience, I'll put you on hold while I review your account" cycle again I asked her not to do so and I explained to her that I was loosing the patience she had been thanking me for. She said she was sorry, and that she had transfer me to another department. I couldn't help thinking why she hand't just transferred me instead of putting me through the "thank you for your patience" loop, but instead of asking her I simply said "thank you".

When she transferred me the line went dead. It's important to note that both Mary and I had been polite and cordial with one another, and my telling her that I was most certainly respectful when I informed her that my patience was starting to dwindle. I again called AT&T Customer Support, and after another wait my call was answered by the same person I had spoken to during my previous call. I explained to her that I'd been speaking to her and that I had been disconnected when she transferred me to the other department.

She told me that she would have to review my account and asked if she could put me on hold, and to that, still being cordial, I asked if there was someone else I could speak to as I didn't believe she was capable of helping me to resolve the issue I was having with my service. At this point the line went dead again. So I called a third time, and believe it or not I got the same a person again! Unwilling to repeat my past experiences, I hung up without saying a word.

I then went downstairs to watch a movie and put AT&T out of my mind. I thought about calling AT&T during the days that followed, but thinking about the experience I'd had I just didn't have the time or the will to call them back again. I eventually did call back about 5 days later (that was yesterday), but unfortunately I was about to learn just how terrible AT&T Customer Support really was. Man, I hadn't seen anything yet!

My call started, and I swear this is true, with me reaching the same representative as I'd spoken to the previous week, "Mary". AT&T meets the Twilight Zone!!! On reaching her, I just I hung up. I then searched the Internet for AT&T Technical Support and called them.

Going through the automated phone prompts landed me right back at Customer Service, though this time I reached a different representative (there is a God!). She two had to review my account, but it only took her about a minute and she didn't come back on the line every 20 seconds to thank me for my patience and tell me she had to review my account. She simply said that there had been a fraud related matter that had blocked my account and she would have to trasnfer me to another department. Well she transferred me to Technical Support, not the Fraud Department as she should have.

Tech Support reviewed my account and informed me that they would have to transfer me to the Fraud Department. When the Fraud Department answered the phone the representative took my information, verified it was me (as all the other representatives had, of course) and asked how they could help me. I explained that my account as blocked... and to that the representative cut me off and said that I needed to speak with Customer Service and before I could say a word he transferred me to Customer Service.

You flaming guessed it, the representative who picked up the phone was my good friend "Mary". Brothers and sisters, I couldn't believe that! I instantly hung up, Googled the number for AT&T Fraud, and it took three phone calls and going through the AT&T automated system three times to actually get the Fraud Department. When they answered my call I asked the representative not to put my call on hold or transfer me, and I tried to explain why several times with the representative interrupting me several times and eventually transferring me back to Customer Service, My friends, I had never so much as raised my voice with any AT&T representative, but I had to take an hour off from this mess before I did.

I again called the AT&T Fraud Department and this time I got someone different than I'd spoken to the previous times. She was extremely pleasant (all but the two people in the Fraud department I'd spoken to previously had been so as well) and within 3 minutes she had everything resolved for me save one issue which she had to trasnfer me to technical support to resolve. The person I then spoke to at Tech Support resolved the issue, and finally everything was back to normal for my account. I've leaving AT&T, and there should be no question why.

Unless you are a masochist, I would not consider doing business with AT&T.

Sure, it might cost you a little less, but should you ever need actually speak to someone at AT&T you're going to regret ever makig the decision to place your business with them. Thank you for your time (in stark contrast to AT&T I actually value your time), and my very best wishes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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