Cleveland, Tennessee
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We have been with direct tv since it took over from Primestar. 19 years.

Always had good service and we seldom had any problems at all. Since AT&T took over things have gradually gotten worse. 5 months ago we totally lost service and I called AT&T and told them that we had no service. They checked things out and said we needed a new receiver.

They wanted to charge us $90 for the new receiver. I said I'd move my service elsewhere. They didn't charge me and said we would be getting a dvr with our new receiver .. mandatory because the new equipment required it.

Since then we have had so many problems just trying to get our bills paid. We received our bill through the mail but received it ten days before it was due and mailed it the next day and were charged $30 late fees. Called to find out why, and was informed that checks weren't posted until ten days after they were received. I paid the bill by phone for 2 months and then was told I couldn't pay the bill without the 4 digit code that I no longer had.

I called and spoke with a rep who told me that there was no way she could send the code through the mail or through my email. I finally spoke with a courteous young man who helped me set up an online account to just pay my bill. I have always paid my bills on time.. except that one time.

During this time (for 2months) ABC, CBS and other Nextstar channels were removed from my service. Also our monthly bill was increased. After 2 calls and long waiting times, I spoke with a rep who told me she couldn't tell me anything about my account without my 4 digit code and told me to drive 50 miles to our closest AT&T store to get a new code. The rep at the store had to call AT&T to get the code changed..

I have decided to switch my services, and they are charging us $210.00 because we were leaving early from our "2 year contract" telling me that I signed a contract for an upgrade ( the dvr) .

This is just a warning to any unsuspecting customer thinking about ordering direct tv. AT&T is nearly impossible to deal with.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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