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I have 4 businesses that use ATT's Landline service. It used to be that getting ahold of someone with att was a lesson in frustration trying to navigate the phone system to get to a real person, but now, You cannot even get ahold of a tech person now if you have issues with your land line. I spend $300 per month per store. If you call tech support, you get a message about how they are overwhelmed with calls and to just report through system, But, if you call the sales department, you get someone right away. Maybe they should move some of these sales people to the tech department so they can provide the same level of service after the sale is made, not just before the sale is made. If i had the option, i would never do business with this company.

I have had so many issues with them and had to waste so much time with them it is ridiculous.


1. they would auto renew my plan every year, then last year, they just quit auto renewing it and next thing you know i am getting $500 bills in. if you are going to quit auto renewing, you should let the client know!

2. renewed all contracts, then, the next month, as part of the renewals, they canceled all my long distance contracts, charge me early term fees, and put me under no contracts and my long distance charges quadrupled. It took me dozens of phone calls, emails, etc and i finally had to go to the BBB to get the issue resolved.

3. 6 months ago, our internet quit working after they had me change modems. It took us 4 weeks to get the issue fixed. They kept blaming it on our equipment and i had to pay to get every aspect of it check only to find at the end of the day, it was their issue. meanwhile i lost tons of business not being able to process online orders, no apology or any type of compensation.

4. call a ticket in 4 weeks ago about 2 lines at another store being down. They fixed one, but not the other, so, had to go through automated system to try and get them to fix the other one.

5. have a store that after 5 rings it kicks off customer and makes a fax line sound on customer side of phone. I have disabled every item we have on phone service, messaging system, fax, alarm and it still occurs, but they will claim it isnt them.

Cannot stand this company, over the last 10 years their customer service has declined to non existent!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's people like you that I want to slap the *** out of.

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