Charlotte, North Carolina

I'm a senior citizen who has loved DirecTV for 9 years - until AT&T took over in 2015 and my monthly bills rapidly escalated by close to 40 percent. Discounts routinely applied to my account by DirecTV are not even acknowledged by AT&T.

Every where I turn, from check out at CVS to my local newspaper and even their Web site, I see AT&T and DirecTV offering new customers the same services I received for less than half of my monthly charges.

It is infuriating that the government allowed this evil giant to take over and destroy DirecTV, leaving consumers to choose between a tiny oligarchy of unscrupulous mega-corporations who spend tens (hundreds?) of millions entrapping people via short-term promotional pricing. It's truly disgusting and should be illegal.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I was just going to switch until reading this


Had direct tv for 20 years. Loved them.

AT&T has destroyed direct tv. Jacked prices and horrible customer service. The same reason I booted thier phone service years ago.

AT&T are scam artists. Have to boot direct tv!


Is complaining really all you people can do?? There is a fix for this!!

You simply contact directv and ask to speak with a CUSTOMER RETENTION AGENT. Normally you can adjust your package to a cheaper rate without losing anything. You have the wealth of human knowledge literally at your fingertips and you use it to WHINE!!! Use that brain for more then keeping your ears apart!!

They expect you to be complacent and not change anything.

But it’s your right to receive your services at a lower rate. You just WILLINGLY CHOSE to not do anything BUT complain.


Uhmm yeah about that. Spent hours on the phone with AT&T.


Not a thing was done!! My husband and I both called multiple times.


They are crooks and liars and no one should have to constantly request billing reduction actually all reliable customers should receive the best price not new customers


YOU are wrong. These bills go extremely high after the first year of a good price.

The have you in on a contract for two years.

ATT as a phone company ALSO is a scam artist as Direct TV. So these two put together will GO DOWN AS ONE !


I just tried to call AT&T at 1-800-481-6934 and no one picked up the phone I called four times and you would think AT&T being a phone company would have had someone answer the phone! LMAO


Yep , dropping them after 15 years. They suck now!


My husband and I have had Directv for over 25 with some problems that were Timely fixed. Since Att has taken over probably have had more issues than in the previous 25 years.

Also problems with my iPhone and iPad. Since when did monopolies become legal again? ATT needs to be broken up again. All three devices freeze up.

iPhone and iPad are always losing info.

Does not keep accurate info on calls both made and received. In other words everything about ATT


I do agree with you clicking my account going to another company. ATT is pathetic


We are retired and on fixed income and have experienced the same thing. Plus, it seems every month the bill is wrong and I have to spend valuable ticks off my life clock talking to these *** They promise you the moon and deliver dog dirt.

Don't mess with these crooks. And that is after 15 years with Directv. Absolutely hate AT&T. Totally agree with the should-be illegal merger.

And they are forever stuffing the bill with junk mail trying to get us to sign up with their phone service. Well, if their phone service is what their TV service is, God help anyone signed up with them.

Besides, AT&T doesn't even work in our area. Where the *** are our Congressmen when we need them?????


ye my bill has gone way up ! also what about our contracts did they roll over or start a new I didn't even know AT&T took over Directv!


AT&T service sucks in everything they own. Direct TV is no exception.

After AT&T took over, they continuously raise their rates, charge all types of "access fees" and want to charge long time customers another "fee" to upgrade their equipment. Even though I have been out of contract for years (customer since 2007) and I am classified as a month by month customer, I decided to cancel my service on February 19, 2019 being fed up with their arrogance. I received my bill on February 23, 2019 for the period of February 15 to March 15. I called Direct TV and the customer service rep.

said they no longer pro-rate services bills and the service would not be terminated until March 15, even though I am not using it and informed them as such. So now I have to pay the full month's bill for service I am not using along with a current "raise" and "fees". My advice to anyone contemplating using this scam of a TV service....don't.

They are not the old Direct TV since AT&T took them over. Avoid them at all costs or you will be charged all costs they decree.


Same problem, Had to drop Directv,,Shame


F&*^ AT&T. That's all I have to say. I'm sick to death of them never getting my account right, firmware updating my box and making it slow as *** and charges that have risen since they took over.


Exactly same issue except more than 9 years.


AT&T has always been the worst customer service in the world.I called them today to help me with a problem with a movie ,the first time since Direct TV was taken over by AT&T . And all I got from them was I can't do this or that.

So I canceled my subscription after 16 years. The people they have now are just incompetent and not caring.


AT&T has the rudest customer service known to man. They act like you're interrupting their day when you try to get a problem solved.

They absolutely do not care for the customer. Direct went from helpful customer service to non existent service with AT&T.


I learned years ago to avoid AT$T.

They are too big to give customer service as good as Directv did prior to merger.

They are greedy so stay from any contract with them. They are BIG on 2 year commitments.


Switched from uverse to direct tv because uverse does not broadcast in True HD. The biggest cluster f ever had to deal with.

At&T has no clue about direct tv & vice versa. My accounts are all messed up. Nobody knows what the f is going on & the customer service hardly speaks english. They transfer to different depts.

& each time you have to re explain your situation to someone who can't help you. Each person blames the sytem & the system seems to have a mind of it's own. Nobody knows who to actually help you because the system wont allow them to help you. It was awesome waiting all day for a no show just to change out two boxes something my teenager could have done.

Sorry about that the system rescheduled without notifing you. The next available is 10 days away.

Now the login to add apps to is a cluster because uverse is gone & direct tv doesn't recognize my account. Cancel everything and start over is my advice

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