I'm a senior citizen who has loved DirecTV for 9 years - until AT&T took over in 2015 and my monthly bills rapidly escalated by close to 40 percent. Discounts routinely applied to my account by DirecTV are not even acknowledged by AT&T.

Every where I turn, from check out at CVS to my local newspaper and even their Web site, I see AT&T and DirecTV offering new customers the same services I received for less than half of my monthly charges.

It is infuriating that the government allowed this evil giant to take over and destroy DirecTV, leaving consumers to choose between a tiny oligarchy of unscrupulous mega-corporations who spend tens (hundreds?) of millions entrapping people via short-term promotional pricing. It's truly disgusting and should be illegal.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Same problem, Had to drop Directv,,Shame


F&*^ AT&T. That's all I have to say. I'm sick to death of them never getting my account right, firmware updating my box and making it slow as *** and charges that have risen since they took over.


Exactly same issue except more than 9 years.


AT&T has always been the worst customer service in the world.I called them today to help me with a problem with a movie ,the first time since Direct TV was taken over by AT&T . And all I got from them was I can't do this or that.

So I canceled my subscription after 16 years. The people they have now are just incompetent and not caring.

Waxahachie, Texas, United States #1211752

I learned years ago to avoid AT$T.

They are too big to give customer service as good as Directv did prior to merger.

They are greedy so stay from any contract with them. They are BIG on 2 year commitments.

Austin, Texas, United States #1210496

Switched from uverse to direct tv because uverse does not broadcast in True HD. The biggest cluster f ever had to deal with.

At&T has no clue about direct tv & vice versa. My accounts are all messed up. Nobody knows what the f is going on & the customer service hardly speaks english. They transfer to different depts.

& each time you have to re explain your situation to someone who can't help you. Each person blames the sytem & the system seems to have a mind of it's own. Nobody knows who to actually help you because the system wont allow them to help you. It was awesome waiting all day for a no show just to change out two boxes something my teenager could have done.

Sorry about that the system rescheduled without notifing you. The next available is 10 days away.

Now the login to add apps to is a cluster because uverse is gone & direct tv doesn't recognize my account. Cancel everything and start over is my advice

Ava, Missouri, United States #1201497

att ruined cell service too. i was with them for years and had to switch to Verizon which was great. try getting Direct tv on the phone, at least a 20 minute wait.

switch to Dish

Auburndale, Florida, United States #1198219

I agree completely. If our government had any balls they would break up this merger.

D TV was going in the wrong direction before AT&T took over but the merger accelerated t he process.

I quit D TV two years ago because I cold no longer afford their accelerating prices. Now it's worse than ever.

Selma, North Carolina, United States #1177290

Its crazy how bad they suck now!


All honest and true responses here. Been with DirecTV for 16 years and never a problem.

GREAT customer service, and then AT&T bought them out. NO customer service....I put in a tech problem I've been having and two months later I'm still waiting for them to figure it out and get back to me. When I called I was told in a very terse reply, "hey, you're not the only one with technical problems, we'll get to you when we get to you." I'll be moving in a few months and will NEVER have them in my home again. AT&T have destroyed what was a great company.

Now, they're no better than Comcast, the most hated company in America. Nice job AT&T, you morons.


I canceled today. God bless wide open west.

Bill escalations, confusing customer service if any. Had my service cut twice after 5 years uninterrupted as directtv. I call em A Fee and Fee. No more waived charges on installs or service interruptions.

They wipe it out and it shows up again. Thanx at you've ruined sattelite TV.

I'll pay u in 5 years. Ur welcome


Phone wait times have gone through the roof and I can't count how many times I've been disconnected. Been dealing with problems for a month with no resolution. Had been a happy customer since 2001


DirecTV is dead in my book we have had it for so many years I can't even remember how long anymore but it is odd that it only took AT&T a few months to destroy it. We will be getting rid of it soon as well as the cell service this was just over the top bad. Make sure you check your bill closely you will more than likely be shocked.


I had great service since 2000, moved from Washington state and it still worked great here all those years too. Since AT&T took over I've had nothing but problems.

It freezes the picture suddenly then tells me it can't find the server, whatever that means. I end up losing shows I was recording.

It doesn't change channels as quickly, very slow response time when I finally get the channel I want. To add insult to injury, they raised the rate by $5 a month!


I agree. Nothing but problems and it never used to be like this.

The programming, costs, customer service and even their website has become awful since AT&T bought Direct TV out. Been a customer since 1999, but I plan to change that.


That's exactly what happened to us.

Before AT&T took over, our bill price was stagnant.

No hidden fees, no raising of the bill monthly, no messing up on it at all.

If were having some money problems, they'd let us slide on the bill for a month or two before disconnection (this didn't happen often).

It was only a $20 reconnection fee. Not terrible.

Once AT&T took over?

It turned into a living h*ll. Our bill is never the same price every month.

It's constantly higher each month. We have the "$15 base plan", but it's costing us $100/month on average. Sometimes more. We're not even out of our first year, so there's no reason for the price to have gone up already.

They have us on a $25 protection plan, that they lied to us about to get us to sign up for, and won't take us off of it now. Miss the payment by one day? Well, they shut it off, and it's $100 to turn back on. Our DVR is constantly having glitches now.

Never did before. Sometimes our shows don't record. Sometimes they do, and then disappear. I can't stand it, and they won't let us go.

We just stopped paying the bill, hoping they'd let us go. Even if it damages our credit a bit, it's so worth it to get rid of them.

I'd much rather use antenna and streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. Soooo much cheaper, and less hassle.


Agree. I've had DirecTV for two years.

AT&T has ruined the customer service, my bill is confusing and keeps getting higher.

I can't prove it but I swear my DVR runs like *** since AT&T took over. My guess is they messed up the software releases.


agree fully. The customer service is now in the compete dumps It is like dealing with Comcast.

I cannot stand it when good companies are ruined by merging with a *** show like ATT. It is what happens when the least capable people in the country run for office, does not matter what party.

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