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Wow, where to start... I lack the energy to type the history.

Suffice to say that I have spent seven hours on five calls with AT&T. I have a $765 erroneous charge on my bill. Each call supposedly resolved the issue only to find out that nothing had been done. There has never been any follow through.

Without exception, no one has followed through on their word. They end the call and move on to the next unhappy customer without making any change to the account. Read my last review of DirecTV. It appears to be an AT&T thing.

Om my sixth call, which lasted an hour and a half, the representative finally found the problem (again) and noted on the account that the credit should go through (again). Unfortunately, the amount was large enough that it needed to be approved by a manager. Unfortunately the manager, named James, had already gone home for the day and it would be Monday before he could approve the refund. Seriously, no one else among the quarter of a million employees at AT&T can approve a $765 refund?!?

James alone holds the purse strings and he has gone home for the weekend. I asked the rep if I could speak to her supervisor. She replied... wait for it...

her supervisor had already gone home for the day! I asked if she went home with James. Maybe we could reach them both with one call?!? Unbelievable!?!

246,000 employees and the early whistle brings customer service operations to a grinding halt. What am I dealing with, Barney Fife or one of the biggest corporations in the world?? I give up! I have been with AT&T and their wireless previous incarnations since 1988.

I have had my original cell number for 30 years. I have stayed with AT&T because I want my phone to work. I also expect a company to stand behind their service. AT&T has lost their way.

I am greeted on every call with a canned message thanking me for being the best part of AT&T. If this is how they treat their best customers their merely good customers must be downright brutalized. I am done with AT&T.

I am sure Verizon would welcome our family of multiple devices... and our entire corporate account as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

ATT Pros: Products.

ATT Cons: That i have spent 100000 dollars and still get treated like dirt.

  • poor accountabilty
  • ATT Bundled Services
  • At t Billing Practices
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Well don't go to Verizon then. We've spent 20+ years with those jack wagons and are now trying to go to ATT but after us trying unsuccessfully for two whole days to get three cell phones and numbers ported over, I think I'm going to move on to the next company.

T Mobile? Sprint?

Who knows. Nobody cares about their job any more to do it well.

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