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Yes, of course AT&T started raising my rates immediately after I switched from Comcast & yes, I am continually calling to have it adjusted which is so disappointing and frustrating but what reallllllyy has me angry is the fact that they claimed to have on-demand "watch previous seasons of all your favorite shows, blah, blah.." I was literally in the middle of watching last 2 episodes of Homeland (paying extra for Showtime, btw) and when I went to select episode 8, all of the episodes have suddenly disappeared. It is not a technical problem.

I can pull other shows and I can select Homeland but... have no idea what happened.. What I do know is that I am so sick of attempting to watch even basic channel shows from on-demand and having the series available one day & then.. simply gone the next.

They RARELY have ever offered full seasons of any show and last year during 1st season of "The Affair" I missed episode 9 (the most important episode in season 1) and they actually had the final episode, 10, before 9 was available. In fact, I had to wait to dvr the episode. And worse....

For the last month they have simply dropped a basic channel, 7 in my area, I think it is FOX. The message they leave on the screen is visit "" really??

site explains that Sunbeam TV wants to charge "us" the consumer too much money & ATT wont pay, so they got dropped, conveniently during the play-offs... i call bs.. I am already supposed to be paying a set fee each month. Sunbeam isn't charging me anything.

They are charging ATT who doesn't want to pay high rates during play-off season. Can they realllllyyy do this??? I am reporting them and I am spending the rest of extra time writing consumer complaints, reviews, blogs and to anyone can read to tell them how much ATT sucks!!! I am also going to cancel my service tomorrow.

So much for ATT/Uverse being more customer service oriented, total criminals!!!! soooo disappointed ATT.

BTW- also have a company phone package and internet at work. Canceling that as well, you hacks!!

Reason of review: overcharging, and no on-demand and dropped basic channels-everything.

Monetary Loss: $4800.

Preferred solution: I want my gd channel 7 fox back or a refund for the month and i want the shows you contracted to offer on on-demand made available immediately. and.. I want you to honor my contract and stop scamming me with price increases that arent in my contract.

ATT Cons: Are the worst-so disappointed, Had solicitors promise things package never included.

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Same problem here. Local Fox channel has been dropped from u-verse, and no reduction in my monthly rate.

Fortunately, C-spire is installing fiber optic as I write, and their rate for home phone, internet, and comparable tv package is $100/mo. Less than ATT.

I've signed up along with ALL MY neighbors. ATT will come back with offers probably, but they are done around here.


sense you willnot bring back WUpw and Iam paying for it why put on CW13.


What happened to FOX 40?


Get wth back by monday September 25th or we will go with a different service!


you took the voice away, piiiiiiiiiissssssssssed ooooffffff


Tired of it,I have to call every month to remind at@t of the terms we agreed to when we subscribed. They only thing that is reliable is the bill goes up every month.


I left Comcast for the very same reason.


SO SO disappointed to find out that the Fox affiliate in West Palm Beach Fl Channel 1029 has been removed. Not only is this a local station, but what will happen once football season rolls around again, and since Fox broadcasts NFL games, we won't be able to watch them. Come on AT&T get FOX back on in WPB!!!!!!!


We strongly protest the removal of WFLX Fox (29-1029 HD) in West Palm Beach FL from our Uverse lineup.

It is my understanding that the FCC rules demand delivery of all LOCAL broadcast signals from our (all) cable services. If it is not returned we are seriously considering switching to another cable provider. Signed "unhappy Uverse customer"


I am about ready to cancel AT&T because I like fox43 and they charge too *** much on there cable my account will be cancelled in June


I am so upset I cannot get Fox 43 what the ***'s going on that *** me off I'll pay all this money for this AT&T and I can't get Fox 43


I want my fox 6 back I this is bull$$$$ and if you don't I will quit using you always y'all keep raising my rates and I'm so tired of calling every month to get y'all to adjust it


They are a ripoff tell you one thing and do another they do not have discounts and the service is constantly going out in the middle of programs.


I am thinking about canceling everything !

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