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We switched from Verizon to At and T in August 2011 because we could get a cheaper plan for our 5 lines on our family cellphone plan. You get what you pay for.

After a few months of having my phone, ( pantech) There was such a bad echo that the phone wasn't even worth using. I went into at and t. After a bunch of testing, they stated I could send in my phone and they'd send me a replacement phone in about a week. They don't offer loaner phones, and since we had recently switched from Verizon, I could not use my old phone as it wasn't compatible.

After the full week of not having a phone, the new one arrived. After about 3 months of using the phone, it quickly picked up where the old one left off. I expressed my dissatisfaction to At and t and noted their phones only seem to be lasting a couple of months. I am 40 years old, don't use my phone much, but do need it for work. I also have a son deployed in afghanistan and really want to be able to talk to him when he is lucky enough to be able to call. They "understand" my "frustration" then try to get me to upgrade to a different phone ( $250.00 out of pocket) and a tablet with a $30.00 a month data fee!

I tell them we have a laptop, tablet and PC. We already pay enough for internet. I don't want an advanced phone. I just want one that will work for more than 3 months. They note that the phones have a one year warranty , but the warranty started the day we signed up, so basically I have 4 months warranty left on the phone I got 3 months ago, because the warranty doesn't start over when you get the "replacement" phone.

I was referred to the main At and T number. I got to spend 20 minutes with a phone tech who had me taking out the battery of the phone, reading codes on the phone, calling another phone so he can hear the echo, going into default settings, and jumping through the land of 10,000 hoops. He finally concurred that there is an echo that can't be fixed and declared AT and T would be willing to offer a replacement phone. ( wow! Such a gracious gift!!) Yes, that was meant to be dripping with sarcasm. Of course, it will be mailed to me. It will arrive in one week. What are the odds of this one lasting more than a few months? We won't even have 1 year with At and T until August!

We have also went round and round with At and T regarding my sons phones. They randomly shut off, freeze while texting, and drop a lot of calls. This didn't happen with Verizon.

At and T carries poor products, treats their customers like ***, and makes no effort to keep customers happy. Of course they shackle you to a 2 year plan- so you have to stay temporarily or they'll nail you coming and going- with early termination fees.

I. am. NOT. happy. I will never do phone services with At and T again.

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Hi Crabitha,

My apologies on all of the grief. I would be glad to review this with you and check on your account.

Just shoot an email to

I am here until 7PM CST today. Thanks, Charmaine, AT&T, Social Media Manager

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