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​I have been a loyal customer of AT&T for over 15 year. December 2013, I upgraded my telephone to an i-phone 5, and the AT&T attendant asked me to sign a new contract that according to him it was going to be $105.00/month, and I was keeping the same plan (unlimited Internet and text services).

My bills are automatically paid via internet. However, on May I started to received messages on my phone of additional charges due to exceeding internet usage, I called AT&T after reviewing my excessive billing of over $170.00/mo. They admitted that the attendant most likely want it to make a commission and misled/tricked me into changing my plan. Even though, AT&T customer service acknowledge the scam that I was victim of by one of their own, they claimed they could not do anything about it.

As they stated: My plan is gone and nobody can help. My only option is to cancel the contract, which it will cost me $600.00. So, disappointed at AT&T. I will be canceling the service as soon as my contract is over in a year, and I will be discouraging any friend, family or business associate to use AT&T as their cellular/mobile provider.

Most of my family is with Spring, they pay $75.00/month and have unlimited internet and text services...Spring will be my future cellular provider.

Needless to say...AT&T company does not value their loyal long term clients, they have a terrible customer service, and I was not surprise when they told me they do not have a complaint department....and this is a multibillion dollar corporation! They just care about making money and no about doing the right thing for their client....As soon as I can, I will give my business to a smaller company that value my me as a customer!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Exactly what happened to me after ten years. ATT talked me out of my unlimited data plan - said it would be cheaper - and I fell for it.

Employees must score highly at ATT every time they can talk a customer out of their unlimited data plan.

It was a complete lie.

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