Fresno, California

We were illegally charged by MyIproducts Imail for voicemail services. A charge of $14.95 appeared on our AT&T statement.

I contacted the company and they said that they provide services for our voice mail and faxes. We do not even have voice mail and we do not send faxes. I told them that we did not order this service and the charge needed to be reversed immediately. They refused to reverse the first month charge (so far -- we are still pursuing this).

I requested a copy of the order for the service that they claimed to receive. I received a copy of the offer instead!

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Same thing happened to me from MyIproducts and they wouldn't credit me back claiming I did put in the order for it and that they sent a confirmation e-mail. I called FairPoint back and told them what had happened and they credited me the 14.95 and put a block on my phone so something like this can't happen again.


I've dealt with these 3rd party billing companies all my Telecom life. They give you some bogus name of the person who ordered the service.

They have always credited my accounts, but usually within 1-2 months, there is another charge from them on another number with another bogus name.

It's very annoying, but I've never had a credit or credits not appear. I can't imagine why these companies are allowed to do this as it is fraud...


i was also charged for this i have nerver heard of them.they said someone said it was alrigt to charge it to me. Bull.they should be checked into.what is myiproducts imaiL?


i was charged for a service which i never even would have looked for or inquired. when i called they claimed that i authorized it and the information is correct.

when i explain that i never would have done this and that the info was obtained illicitly they said that was my opinion. i tried to define 'opinion' for them to no avail.

when i asked for the name of the company ceo i was told that i would have to request that in writing and that they have credited me back the 5 months for the service. initially they were only willing to cancel my account.


Be sure to complain to your state's Public Utilities Commission about this. I had the same situation and sent a complaint to the California PUC and AT&T immediately started jumping to solve my issue.

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