Champaign, Illinois

Two days in a row, so far, two AT&T salesman came to my door around 6:50 pm to question what my husband and I watch on a regular basis. They were trying to have us switch our internet and cable providers.

I normally wouldn't care about doing a short survey online if I'm not busy. I told them I couldn't help them at the time because I had to go to dinner at 7:00 pm. They continued, which annoyed me. I then told them, again, I had to go and I wouldn't mind receiving an email to maybe then finish the survey.

They were again hesitant, so I told them to have a nice night and I had to go, and then politely shut the door. The next day just after 5:00 pm, they came back. I opened the door and politely showed them my "No Soliciting" sign clearly in view of the front door. I told them that I didn't appreciate soliciting especially after a long day of work when I'm trying to relax at my home.

AT&T has been a good provider for my cell phone needs, but I just don't appreciate this type of salesmanship.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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A young man in a bright green shirt with clipboard came to my front door twice tonight. I have a sign posted near the door bell, “No Soliciting.” The first time I ignored the doorbell AND knocking on the door.

About an hour later, the same person was back ringing the doorbell. After I pointed out the No Soliciting sign, he said he wasn’t soliciting, but...AT&T ... When I said the sign means do not come to the door or ring the bell, he said I should put my definition of no soliciting on the notice. I consider this rude and arrogant; and can assure you that I will not subscribe to any AT&T product given this experience and lack of professionalism.

Whatever AT&T is doing, selling, surveying, it should not be done door to door. You have lost a potential customer.


That most likely was not AT&T because they generally use a company called SMART CIRCLE, who in turns has independent offices under them that hire contractors (generally young people) who work on 100% commission, going door to door all day, in all kinds of weather. The reason they are aggressive is because no sale= no pay.

They are desperate for sales. I feel bad for them but not enough that I will give them the time of day.

Just say NO as you did. And if you are wondering about smart circle, google smart circle scam and be prepared for about 1 week's worth of reading!


Well I go into to pay my bill with cash.Looking for the kiosk. This store doesn't have one.Salesman says I can help you.Hand him the money.Oh their is a dollar transaction fee. Then 20 minutes for this store manager.Too figure out how to put cash in drawer..Plus had two call two stores .Because he put cash before Open cashed drawer .Duplicate transaction.

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