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I ordered a purple one w/256k online. It took 4.5 days to get here arriving Monday of this week.

First it froze up at the end of copying data from my old phone. As a result, I had no phone nor could I send messages. The next day (Tues) it took over an hour on the website plus a couple of calls to 611, plus a trip to the AT&T Corp store. They get it unlocked and I return home only to find that the touchscreen locked up every time I laid it flat.

That took yet several more hours of online & customer service at 611 only to be told by the advanced service team that it was broken and needed to be exchanged. However I wasn't allowed to take it to a store; I have to mail it back and wait for the new one to arrive ... because it was purchased online (thats a VERY stupid rule!!!) That flat out didnt work for me, so on Wednesday I made yet another call to 611 for special permission to return it to a store, which they finally grant. So back I go to the store only to find out that they dont have it in stock, nor does any Corp Store within 50 miles.

I became so angry and frustrated that I just gave up and cancelled the entire purchase on the way home from the store. I got home and moved all my info back to my old phone but of course this didnt go smoothly either, requiring more time w/ the customer service - finally the brilliant one who told me I could've just switched the cards! I could have avoided 95% of this if only someone had bothered to tell me that sooner. I figure this whole nightmare took at least 50+ hours of time and 3 trips to an AT&T store and I admit Im less than thrilled.

Verizon and Samsung are looking better all the time

Sorry. Thats just how I feel .

User's recommendation: Try swapping cards first if possible!!!

Location: Lake Stevens, Washington

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