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For years I had just ordinary phone service. I paid $$22.50 a month, month after month after month.

Then last May they sent me a bill for $120. When I saw it, it was so ridiculous I assumed it was just a mistake. A month later they sent me a bill that added another $52 to the bill and threatened to shut off my phone service. When I called them, they gave me the big run around and finally gave me some *** who tried to explain it away, but didn't really make any sense.

He said I had to pay $52 to keep from being disconnected. Since I didn't have the time to be screwing around with it I just paid the $52. When I received my next bill, it was back up to $170. To add insult to injury they had added a $25 "Restoral Fee".

I don't know what they were charging me for having restored. They hadn't restored my service since it had never been turned off, and it certainly wasn't their honesty either. I paid them another $52 for the same reason as before. Now they are back at it again, and this time they are getting a penny out of me.

I will switch to another carrier, and they can take their bills and stick 'em. This sudden bizarre behavior by ATT reminds me of what happened with Enron. Everything was going along just fine with earnings constantly growing along with their stock price.

Then suddenly all *** breaks loose, with their stock price taking a nose-dive and the company franticly, desperately trying to scrape together all the cash they can, any way they can, just to keep the company afloat. Is it possible that ATT is heading for it's own implosion like Enron's?

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I thought I read somewhere awhile back about At&T increasing their landline charges substantially in different parts of the country in order to get people to drop the landlines---and consequently go to cell phone service, of which they provide. You don't say where you are located, but you might do a search for "AT&T increased landline charges" or similar because this may be something they are doing to others and people will be complaining about it.

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