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I called the technician for a phone line trouble yesterday. They gave me a time frame to choose from so I picked 4-8pm today, then I received the confirmation text.

6:30pm today I received a text saying

"Sorry we missed you. Still having trouble? Reply:HELP to reschedule or visit..."

At this point I knew what was going on and I was really stressed out by this super unprofessional manner. Please check the conversation(pictures) and see how unprofessional and lazy the tech is. Excuse after excuse...

He even asked my four digit account number thats never really needed or used just to make me give up or something. I can't find any good reason why he needed that with that timing.

FYI, of course there was no such "call" from them.

Yeah this is not the first time, the entire company workers are all like this and I'm really disgusted with them every time I go through this kind of troubles but I have no choice because other companies(like verizon) don't cover my area, which really sucks.

I just really wish that their customer service section actually cares for these unprofessional workers behaviors and tries to fix...

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I understand about the customer service and the tech service, our business phone line is out I called and the rep said they will be out tomorrow from 8-6pm. At 4:45pm the next day I started calling inquiring about the tech who was suppose to be out.

Now get this to call and put in for the phone repair they didn't ask for no 3 digit code, last 4 or amount the last bill. The customer service rep did this time when inquiring about when was the tech going to be here its almost 6pm. He may of been doing his job, But all I needed to know was when where they going to arrive it wasn't like I was adding phone lines or disconnecting service or anything. Now I am the director of this business I don't handle the billing in which I explained to the rep, His response was for security purposes I cant not give that information unless I have one of those 3, ok I was getting frustrated got his name and employee number called my mother in law told her what i needed and called back.

NOW there not asking for it this rep is gonna connect me to a live tech repair rep which did not go through stayed on the phone for over 45 min trying to get customer service on the line going through the horrible automated computer service just to get to the rep, finally get a repair rep and guess what he tells me I don't know who took that call but its like when you go to a restaurant and they tell you its a 30 min wait it can be longer than that that's how it is with us the repair tech can take 30 min to 6 hours depending on what he has to do he may get to you he may not, I said NO I was told someone would be there between 8-6 pm I was not told he may or may not show up, it would of been nice if someone called and informed me of the status of my repair, instead o me calling and getting frustrated with customer service, all I nee to know is when is someone coming out well we can not tell you that they may be out there by 6 or my I guess they will be out by tomorrow morning but again they can not tell me a time.

This is att and your telling me you can not tell me when a tech repair rep is coming to my business you can guess, What is really going on , we have been doing business with them since 2004 at this address and even longer from home business and this is how a long outstanding business gets treated. I we wasnt in a contract I would tell yall to kiss it where the sun dont shine thats how mad I am.

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