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OK here is what happened. My husband and I and one of my daughters had bought phones through AT&T and was added to my other daughters account with AT&T.

She had six lines all together with AT&T including our three. My daughter had gotten behind on two or three of the payments even though we had to give it in a money for them . Which resulted in a $2500 balance owed due on the account. Instead of deciding to catch it up or pay it my daughter decides to go to Verizon purchase new phones through them and leave AT&T.

Meaning my husband and I and my other daughter as well as the other people she had phones on her account for were left hanging with a $2500 balance on the account which resulted in all of our phones being shut off and all of our phones being locked meaning we could not The cell phones we have to another cell phone company and have service put on them through somebody else or have AT&T just put the telephones in our names and let us start an account paying for our own phones with them. They said the phones would remain locked until the entire balance of the bill was paid in full. Even though all of the other phones were not the account owners phone. I cant pay that much to catch a phone bill up that was not mine to begin with.

Furthermore my phone and my husbands phone and my daughters phone were paid off its not like on the phones still with AT&T. We had paid them off. They locked our telephones anyway. Meaning my paid for phone is useless I cant take it anywhere else.

Which means we will have to purchase all new cell phones and go to a whole Nother company which is a lot of trouble we were not expecting or counting on having to deal with. And Apple phones are extremely expensive we cant afford to do so so my husband and I and my daughter or without cell phones now. I know a lot of this is my daughters fault but I dont understand why AT&T could not understand and at least put our three phones on their own account under our name and let us pay for our phones fromPoint further.

And leave the balance and turn it into collections on my daughter for that her balance she had accrued. They would not reason or listen

User's recommendation: Don’t have several phones on your account just do phones for yourself.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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