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My husband and I recently relocated and ATT, Comcast, Direcet TV, and DishNework were our only options for cable and internet service providers. After much online research, we decided to go with a bundle from ATT and DirectTV. On the phone, a representative told my husband our package price for the first year was going to be $56.xx/month and then it would go up the second year by $24. He said he would consider it and then called back the next day and was offered the same deal by a different representative and decided to sign up.

Fast forward a few days. DirectTV arrives and installs cable. Box for ATT internet arrives. Internet does not work on set up, so he calls to straighten it out. Over the course of two calls he was give 2 different activation dates (that didn't match the package and the letter in it) and two different confirmation and account numbers assigned to our name and address. Not to mention, the prices did not match. When we tried to get back to the original reps we spoke to, we were told that was not possible. Was also informed they had no idea about DirectTV's end of it, that they were separate.

We called DirectTV to try to work out that end of it, and were told ANOTHER different price ($78+ for just the cable?!) and that they couldn't address ATT's end, because its a different company.

Finally, get BOTH companies on the phone at the same time, since they obviously have no idea how their services are bundled together, even though they offer them. One of the confirmation numbers and activation dates was from the first guy my husband originally talked to, who signed us up without our permission.

Turns out also, that they lied about the pricing. We are now expected to pay $67.xx/month the first year and over $120/month the second year. We were informed that if we cancel at this time, we are subject to the $400+++ cancellation fee. No accountability whatsoever!!! I have never come across such a lack of professionalism and organization. If your sales reps are THAT hard up for commissions to lie to potential customers on the phone to get a sale, maybe that's a clue with regard to your business practices.

I have had ATT cell service for over 10 years and have had minimal complaints, but I have to say, this recent debacle has made me view their company in an entirely new light. My contract is up for renewal shortly and I may just have to switch providers.

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We never got the pricing changed and just have had to make do with the situation. Recently, we got our first bill and were charged 2 different $61 install fees for "irregular wiring" (one tech came out and the service didnt work and then another came out to fix what they screwed up).

Took another couple hours of phone calls with them asking us what the tech did (if we knew, wouldn't we install ourselves???) and us arguing that we were told the install was free REGARDLESS of what needed to be done. Rep refused to let us talk to a manager after going in circles with her forever.

Finally was told the charges would be reversed, but they wouldn't email or send another bill, so who knows what the next bill will show. Have had it with this company.


Hi Drerin. We can try to help you with your billing issues.

You can email: attcustomercare@att.com and include your contact information with your name and FB in the subject line. Thanks, ChrisL ATTCustomerCare.

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