Fort Wayne, Indiana

I feel like I have been tricked into renewing my contract I have previously been happy with my AT&T service, until I lost my job and had my phone shut off, when I went in the the Fort Wayne store on Coliseum Blv to either resolve my issues or close my contract, I inquired and bugged and asked again, if I renew my contract by paying my $78 past due bill what other charges would I have, would it be more costly than the 70 to cancel plus the 78 past due, "No" he says just the 37 fee of getting your new phone and the next coming bill. So after an hour of sitting in the store and being reassures I was taking the right actions to fit myself best I went ahead and got my I phone 4 that I'm happy with however I then some days afterwards got a new letter saying I was $80 past due?!? Before my new bill even cycled but wait, I had inquired about such problems arising or else I would have canceled my service and went to a pay by month no contract somewhere else, ok but it was too late the deal was done and I had been lied to by a "customer service representative" So I called cust. service, talked to a gentleman by the name of Manny and he took care of me, well I felt great about my service again, but wait not over with the *** I get my new bill on my phone and start to review it says my next bill due is $189 what the ***! So I review everything being charged I've got a renewal fee something I had been reassured in the store would not happen and remember I'm being lied to so I don't close my account because I am clear that my initial intention was to do so unless I could be satisfied with a new contract that wouldn't fee my check out of my wallet. Ok I continue to review the bill there is also a $5 late fee, small amount to some, an extra five bucks not mentioned to be added and taxed in my next bill, alright not quite the end now there is a $9 charge for the data I used before the new bill cycled on top of my $30 data plan, understandable to a point because I was without data previously however I have been lied to I have been hustled that too was NEVER mentioned, and while each one of these may seem trivial to another they each would have made a big impact on my wireless decision, my phone is my personal connection, to work, to family, for my health, my bills, My special line to Me so it is all very important. Alright I continue I am reviewing my bill and decide to sleep on it since it is late in the evening whilst I review, I wake up the next morning and I'm still furious, I call AT&T cust. service again and I would of like to talk to Manny again I however couldn't find the scrap of paper with his extension and when I let Kristen know I prefer to talk to him she didn't even respond or suggest a last name, so I had to get ready for work soon and didn't have the time to *** about another thing, so I go on I let her know how I felt upon going over my new bill and she told me she would do what she could, which was waive my $40 renewal fee which was good and put my total closer to what I expected, but when I inquired about my employee discount I mentioned how it too has been a hassle, she could only say it may take a couple months to go through, ok i understand. However it will now take an extra month no doubt with the way things have been going for me, I gave my check to the representative in the store he scanned and put it in the system, ok, then I get a txt aprx a week later saying there was a problem so I called the number ended up printing out at work and faxing it, another approximate week later I get another txt saying it still needs verified so once again I call and resolved to take a picture on my phone with the necessary info showing, I take two seperate pictures email both, I get on my work computer enlarge my pay stub, reprint and fax once more, yay it finally has been approved but now my current bill is cycled and it did so before the approval so once again I get another unpleasantry by having to wait even longer before its applied. Now in the wide world of good and bad customer service is my account so important yet not important at all that I have to be lied to and put in a position where I can either pay yet more money or forgo my account that I've had for five years? I've been on this persons contact and that persons contract, made it my own contract finally which makes my bill higher than being on someone else's, but I kept it thinking its priceless to be a long standing customer despite ups and downs I've stuck through been a loyal customer and this is what I get instead of smooth sailing I've got to be lied to and *** over so I have to take time out of several days to "fix" my issues with one good rep and one *** one. I'm no longer going to tell my friends and family how worth it it is to have an AT&T contract or that the service is exceptional like I used to when being asked why I don't just have a pay as you go phone for a fraction of the price I pay to receive all the same usage and more, I will now say be careful you may be lied to you may be tricked and you may come upon someone who is only willing to fix what she "can" even though we all know *** well someone could have made me feel great about my service again. That is all and now that I've finally got it all out on the table I will resend this to every AT&T authority if you will that I can find a number or email for in hopes of being made to feel like its not a hopeless company that it appears to have become and maybe even be happy to be a long standing customer with AT&T once again.

With high hopes this survey is effective, yours truly

Sirena Rodriguez


Product or Service Mentioned: Att Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $200.

  • Phone charges
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AT&T is full of *** I called to cancel my contract and they guy talked me into getting the iPhone 5 saying I would pay $118 for two lines because I have been with AT&T for a Lin time.. When I got the iPhone 5 it renewed my contract ad I was ok with t because my bill was going to be $118 little did I know he lied to get me to renew my contract and my bill is now $200 and they said he lied and there's nothing I can do because he messed up.. Ad now I don't know how to get out of it..


Hello Sirena,

First let me apologize for any billing confusion you have experienced to this point. I also apologize if you were not provided full billing expectations at the point of sale.

From you narrative, it would appear that your concerns have been addressed on previous interactions. I will advise that the employee discount is an agreement between AT&T and you employer as a benefit to the employee. Once all information is collected and verified, there is a one to two billing cycle interval until the discount appears on the invoice. Apologies for any delays in this process.

If you have further questions, please send your contact information, account information and all relevant details to along with your Facebook name in the subject line.

I am here 8:00am to 5:00pm CST Monday through Friday & until 4pm today. Sam L: Social Media Manager


I had the same problem with trying to get my employee discount and i think they do it on purpose because it took almost three months for it to show up on my bill, and when I was in the store I asked if it would apply to the entire bill and they said yes! It was the only reason I resigned my contract with ATT......well they LIED!

My discount was only for part of the bill! It doesn't take the discount off of messaging, data, or any extras!

ATT is nothing but crooks! Drop them when you can!

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