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I was lied to about AT&T U-verse internet service. I was fast-talked and told it would be $12.95/mo. which was less than what I was paying for regular internet service, which was $29.95/mo. I received a wireless gateway in the mail and then received a letter stating that my monthly bill will be $48/mo. She never said I would be charged $12/per-week. On top of that, I have a one-time charge of $136 (given a number to call to receive a $100 rebate, which I doubt) surcharges and other fees for $11.49, Government fees and taxes for $17.98, which totals $165.47. As well, the prorated charge of $11.20 and a monthly charge of $48. My total bill is $224.67...I will not be paying this and AT&T is in for a treat. I have business degrees and know all about verbal contracts. This is like the "bait and switch" process, only online.

What is bait and switch?

The "bait" is an advertisement luring you with the promise of an unbeatable deal on a product. The switch occurs when you walk into the store and the salesperson tells you the advertised model isn't available but a more expensive model is. The salesperson has "switched" you from the one you wanted to buy.


To my understanding, I was agreeing to $12.95/mo internet service that was cheaper than what I had. I was not told this was a promotional deal and it would increase after X amount of months. By law, a company is required, in full detail, to communicate the offer. In order for the acceptance to be valid, the offeree must have a clear understanding of what is being offered. My stepfather was paying for my internet service,and it was all under his account. All I wanted to do was get it switched under my name since I was paying for it. They suckered me into getting AT&T U-verse offering it a a lower price that was being falsely advertised over the internet. ONLY BY AT&T!

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Rebate.

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My att internet bill its 300$ lower it or im not paying my bill my bill was to be 35$


Hi CharmaineH, as I was replying to you on twitter, if you look above you will see how I was lied to. I meant to have said the U-verse price was falsely advertised over the phone, not the internet.

That was my bad. However, I spoke with a rep and we got it resolved. She was very nice to me and wavered the $136 fee. She told me that there was no promo price as low as $12.95/mo.

I was told that if I cancelled, I would have a cancellation fee of around $186. She told me I was under no contract and I would not have a cancellation fee. I was offered U-verse at a promo price of $19.95/mo (which is the correct promo price), that was good for 1 year and I could cancel at that time with no cancellation charge. After that, U-verse would go back to its regular price of $48/mo.

Given that she was nice to me and explained it all [God bless her soul, I was highly upset]I decided to keep it...Thanks for the prompt response and thank billing for their competency concerning conflict resolution. At the moment, I am a happy customer. I have business degrees and I know my rights.

I was very upset! Again, thank you for your quick response and thank AT&T billing (Carlene)for getting this issue resolved.


Hi, I'm with AT&T and saw your blog. I am sorry to hear of the poor customer experience you recently had with us.

Anything I can help with?

You can send your concerns to and I'll look into it. ^CharmaineH

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