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On 3/5/18 Late Evening I contacted a AT&T specialist via chat to learn more about the AT&T Next and paying for a new phone in full. The reason being was because for the same phone Best Buy had a promotion for the NEXT that actually came out to be less than the full price through AT&T.

Now I couldn't understand how a payment plan would be less than paying full price hence the reason I contacted AT&T. The Specialist basically told me I was better off cost wise paying the full price through AT&T. Therefore I paid the pay in full price. However the next morning I decided to research this more.

My findings were that it was a little more then $100.00 less to buy the phone through Best Buy on the Next Plan. Therefore I Immediately contacted AT&T to cancel the order I had placed the night before since it had not shipped yet. After hours of chat and phone calls a Specialist had informed me he could cancel that order and give me a better deal then Best Buy however I had to accept a two year contract. Therefore I took this deal.

However while in Chat with this Specialist I received a email stating the first order shipped. I expressed my concern to the Specialist. Here is what he said in regards to the first order and to the tracking. " noop no worries.

since you never receive it and you went online. but you were not able to reject it. I have it canceled from here with my manager. in order to place the new order." I asked about how it stops the shipment his reply was "it will send a confirmation to the shipment company with the denied process.

And it will stop the process on that device with that charges."

Well since there was so many things that already caused me to be concerned I decided to track that order and it still shows it is on its way to me. I then decided to contact AT&T and I was told the order was not canceled. I was explained how I should return it. I complained during that chat and copied what I was told before and then I was sent to a supervisor during the chat.

I basically was put in circles for a little over two hours this morning. I called Fedex so I can refuse the delivery. I am so concerned I am going to be charged somehow for the first phone. I honestly feel tricked into the contract on the second phone now.

I feel when AT&T tells you they made notes that they are lying because so many times over the past two days I was told about notes that weren't there. I feel worn down from AT&T since I spent hours each day on this issue. I also feel when someone else enters the chat and tells you give them a minute so they could read that they are lying to you.

This is because of the having to repeat myself to them several times.

I have two different accounts from AT&T right now that I have had for over 15 years however the one is now on contract again so I'm not sure I can do anything but the other I can for sure move. I feel the reason I was tricked into the contract on this one is because they already were concerned I was going to leave them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Att Next Phone Plan.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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