Their website does not retain your information, even when you type it in correctly. Your account suddenly does not exist or your information is entered correctly. When you try to answer security questions your answers are not correct. The only way to log into their pathetic excuse of a website is by resetting your password every time you log in. When you try logging in with the new password you just created, you don't exist again.

The only reason I can even fathom about why this is happening is I noticed when I try to log in via my cell number it automatically adds () around the area code. I've always logged in without the extra dashes and it shows up the same way on my paper bill. I've tried deleting the extra marks but you cannot remove them and therefore can't access your account. I tried from three different browsers on a mac and a PC with no luck.

It's pathetic that a company as large as ATT can't get their act together and fix something that they probably won't even acknowledge exists in the first place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Account.

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