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I am recovering from an accident and I went to upgrade my phone. I have always done the 2 year plan.

So I did that again. Now today I was wondering why my monthly $25. discount went to $5. I found out that when I upgraded I should have gone to the monthly.

Well this apparently was also for other phones on my plan yet NO ONE bothered to tell me. Their HORRENDOUS website does not have any little pop up "saying are you sure you want to do this, you will lose your discount?" etc. So because I live in a very populated area, where roads and phone stores are extremely busy. ATT will rip me off for many hundreds and hundreds of dollars because I ordered online and had no knowledge of this info and their website stinks.

My bill is close to $400 per month and I am guessing that another company will be happy to have us. And the money ATT would have overcharged me by taking away this discount would be more than the money I would have to pay to cut the 2yr contract. It's really sad when you have been with a company since the first time you ever got a cell phone and raised your family and your business with ATT and this is how it ends.

Tried talking to them on the phone and they said gee we are really sorry you weren't told. Really?

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Cell Phone Upgrade.

Reason of review: always miscommunication that costs me, and this time it's way to much..

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

ATT Cons: Misleading information, Unscrupulous billing practices.

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It got better. My house is located in a little low spot and we have to use an ATT booster.

So when I upgraded to a brand new Samsung 6, ATT also neglected to mention that they don't always work with this booster. After many months of aggravation. Sending the phone in for replacement (they sent me a rebuilt to replace the brand new one I paid for) this still didn't work. Txts don't work, photos don't send etc.

I spent days and days on the phone and was even told by one upper authority I should consider myself lucky that ATT was handling samsung warranty. They sold me the phone?? Finally I read blogs including art's own where it states clearly this is an ATT booster problem, not my phone. I told them I was going to start a class action as I clearly would have chosen the iPhone had I known this would be a problem.

Suddenly they let me reupgrade. My husband the head of our little company was supposed to also but since he wasn't here for that phone call, that promise has been reneged upon and he is using a phone that doesn't work all the time. I argued one bill and they discounted but they are charging full price for his phone that they have been aware won't function when he is here where his main office is??? I have been a customer of ATT since before cell phones but my many hundred dollars a month (5phones) maybe should be going to a company that wants to keep their promises.

At least the president of the company should have a phone that works.

They can't even be bothered following up those well over 40 phone hours to see if the customer is satisfied. Only contact came when I didn't pay the bill.