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I really just want my service cancelled and allowed to go somewhere else.

I am 76 years old and was tricked in to purchasing a tablet along with a new phone and two lines or service, I only use one line.

I have tried many times since I have had this contract to get out of it, I call from time to time and it is always too pricey. I even tried again today and it would be $610 plus my bill to leave. Below is a copy of today's conversation and how I was treated, just constantly trying to get more money.

Reference Number: 732212372135714246

DATE/TIME: 2016-05-25 09:58:32

Your chat transcript:

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AT&T : Hello! Thanks for choosing AT&T Chat.

Valeria : Hello! My name is Valeria. I hope you are having a great day! How may I help you today?

Diane : How much would I be penalized for cancelling my service

Valeria : Diane, may I ask if you want to cancel all lines? if yes the remaining balance needs to be paid and for the devices itself

Valeria : It will be $491.27 for the early pay up for the 9103 line

Diane : all lines

Valeria : I am now retrieving the information for the other line

Valeria : Thank you for your patience, I know your time is valuable

Valeria : Diane for the 5540 the Early termination fee would be for $0.00

Valeria : So the other line is the remaining one plus the balance

Diane : Ok, thank you!

Valeria : I am so sorry you have reached that decision. May I ask why?

Valeria : You are so welcome!

Valeria : So I can better assist you

Diane : Your service is too expensive especially with only 2GB of data, I can barely watch a movie on Netflix and I'm almost out of data. Your competitors are offering way more data at better prices.

Diane : Also being a Directtv customer as well actually isn't a benefit in my opinion

Valeria : OMG :(

Valeria : Diane, we do not want to lose you as a valued customer, let me get you to a specialist who can help you best.

Edward : Hi, my name is Edward. I’m glad you were connected with me. Allow me just a few moments to review your previous conversation, and I’ll be ready to help resolve your concerns.

Diane : Hello

Edward : Hello Diane

Edward : Just finished accessing your account ... and I see that the 2GB data plan does not appear to be a good fit for you

Edward : if I may have a moment let me see what I can do to help out

Diane : If it involves more money there's nothing you can do.

Edward : ok//

Edward : let see what options we can do

Diane : I don't even use the tablet, which I was tricked in to buying. I am 76 and don't enjoy much but your competitors are much better with there pricing and data plans. T mobile is even offering unlimited streaming for some services I use.

Edward : One moment please.

Edward : so Diane .. I have a couple of offers I can do for you today

Diane : ok

Edward : we can do a 3GB plan for 35.00 plus line fees and taxes

Edward : that is 10.00 more then you are paying now for 1 more GB

Edward : but I really do not like that one

Diane : no

Edward : because I can extend a 6GB data plan for 40.00 so for a increase of 15.00 per month .. which is much better

Edward : or we do have a unlimited plan for our ATT Family members that have DTV .. it is 60.00 for the data , talk , text Unlimited then 40.00 per line access fee plus any of you installments

Diane : I told you if it's more expensive we have nothing to talk about. I am cancelling this and my directv asap. My next call will be to them to see how much I have to pay to if I cancel. Like I said I already have 2 lines and only needed one. How do you justify tricking an old lady in to having two lines when I'm only one person

Edward : one moment .. as I review the cost for canceling the service

Diane : And now I'm being held hostage so to speak. I will be sending a copy of this further up the ladder as well.

Edward : line ending in 9103 cost is approx 491.27

Edward : cost to line ending in 5540 would be approx 118.00

Edward : plus the final bill

Diane : I know that if you read the previous conversation as you said you were doing you would have already knew that

Diane : You're no help

Edward : Diane .. I offer you the best with the data that you are using ..

Edward : if there is nothing else I can review with you today .. you may close this chat

Diane : Well be prepared for a flood of cancellations as all my senior citizens friends will follow me

Edward : I am sorry to hear that .. and I am sorry that you are not willing to accept any of the offers ..

Edward : you may want to ,, if you are thinking about paying off the installment's ..moving to our prepaid serivce

Diane : why would I there more money I told you before you wasted your time I wouldn't if it was more expensive. Most of your competitors are cheaper

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Customer Care.

Reason of review: Taken advantage of.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Just cancel my contract and let me get service elsewhere.

ATT Cons: Thieves.

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Just call them up and cancel. When they tell you of a cancellation charge, just laugh and say "I don't think so." Then, make sure you are not on auto billing or have given them a credit card number---if so, cancel the card and get a new one at a new bank.

Then, just ignore any bills. At your age, a minor "hit" to your credit is meaningless. Never pay for something you don't owe, especially to scam artists in the telecommunication business. They rely on threats and intimidation.

Never give in to such tactics. Good luck.

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