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I had ATT U-verse installed in my home. Upon installation, I was told that I prequalify for a cell phone. Their rates were comparable to my current provider AND I was told that I could pay both my U-verse payments and cell phone all on the same bill. I'm all for simplicity so I got the cell phone. I was told that my bill for the cell phone, internet, cable, and home phone would run me $250 a month. Ok. First bill comes in for $261. I figure it was high because of the connection fees for the cell phone, so I pay it and go on with life. 3 days later, I wake up to find my cable, home phone, and internet shut off. I call the customer service reps and ask WTF is going on. She informs me that the $261 I paid was ONLY for the cell phone and they wanted another $256 to restore my cable. After promptly telling her what she could do with that $256 bill, I called Comcast for my cable/internet.

I understand. You need customers and you get wood over those contracts BUT bold-face lying to people won't get you repeat customers. Matter of fact, I've quickly told everybody I meet about your *** up practices. Cost you about 60 customers. Congratulations.

Also, 6 phone calls to your customer affair woman didn't solve a *** thing. She didn't even return my calls. She texted me, asking me to call her to resolve my issue, then didn't bother to call back when I had to leave a message. Amazing customer service! Kudos! Not many companies have made it that high on my *** list.

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I went to a ATT store and 1 of the employees told me that if we get a new phone, every payment was going to be reported to all 3 credit bureaus, I explained that I was trying to buy a house and I needed to raise my credit score so, she said that if we made the agreement to buy a new cell phone, that will increase my credit score, we made happen and i had 2 expensive new phones and after few days I have a bill for $40 more than the original payment amount, on top of that they do not report payments to the bureaus, I went back to the store and recorded the conversation with the same employee and the district store manager that was there that day, the employee accepted that she said to me that every payment was going to be reported to the credit bureaus and that did not help me at all, I have a witness, the recorded conversations with ATT supervisor, district manager, customer service representative and the employee, what should I do? 713 493 8300

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