Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
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Two weeks ago I called ATT to let them know that my 93 year old mother was moving from her senior apartment to assisted living , one building away from each other in a small town . I told them the date for stopping service and starting at the other apartment , both being the on the same day , Aug

8, 2013. They managed to turn off the phone service at the first apartment but never turned the service on at the apartment in Assisted Living . So she arrived and has no phone service.

I live 145 miles away and I call her every day , So now it has been a week and she has no service. I have called ATT three different times and spoken to six different sales people and one supervisor .

Now it was there mistake originally and I called on Aug,8 to tell them, They apologized and said it would be taken care of in two days , That came and went and I called again . The lady could not give me an answer as to when it could be taken care of . So I called yesterday and was on the phone for over an hour , with someone saying I am sorry for the delay it will just be one more minute. Finally they said ,we are set and it will be installed on August 22. That is nine days more than the nine we have been waiting. And so my 93 year old mother in an apartment has NO PHONE!!!!!!!

Seriously they can NOT get a person there before that ????? It is in a building with sixty other units all with ATT and been wired for three plus years , the other sixty unit building has been there for twenty year. SOOOO no new wiring needed just flip a switch .

If something happens to her and she cannot call I will be very upset.

She also needs my call from( her daughter )her only living relative .

She has been living at this Senior living for four years.

SO do you think someone might be able to help me out with this problem????

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