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Let me tell ya a thing or two about AT&T UVerse...... first off the equipment provided sucks ***. Check for yourself: Motorola NVG-510...... *** JUNK! I am constantly hard resetting this piece of *** every other day. I game faithfully so I decided to bridge off of it to a Netgear WNR2000 to my game system...... NO LUCK! Same problem all over again. I call customer

service and holy ***...... NO HELP AT ALL, "We'll send out a technician, if there is a problem with the equipment we will fix it; if not, $100 service fee".

So, I've had 2 techies come out and one of them supposedly fixed the

issue... NOT! The second came on out and stated he fixed the wiring

because dude 1 used CAT3 lines instead of CAT5 lines....... ***! Even though he supposedly fixed the issue..... it wasn't fixed because I've been

hard resetting the *** thing since. I believe they know the equipment

provieded(Motorola NVG-510)is *** and they try to compensate the customer by sending techies out. Wasting everyones time. Yeah the service is affordable but THERE ARE MAJOR ISSUES WITH IT!!!!!

technicians out, wasting you and their time.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

  • Nvg-510
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verry true they are trash, i recommend you buy a new modem online that works with att , and then call and complain that you had to buy your own , make them understand you want them to pay for the modem you bought, they should credit your account with the value of the modem, Dont buy a pricy one either they might not do it,

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