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Dear AT&T Customers,

After a review it is true that AT&T has Poor Business Practices and Ethics. Apparently they are losing money as well as customers.

They are trying to compensate by overcharging us as the consumers. Since we have constantly stressed to this company about how nasty and vile this company is. They feel since they are the big dogs that want nothing more but our money and provide lower than dirt service. As educated customers it is time to Boycott AT&T.

Randall Stephenson will NOT get his 6th house in the UK because he runs a company that is solely for the company and not for the customer. The only way to stop this type of company is to pull your money out. There is NO way they will be able to function at that point. This is how you stop the abuse and poor business ethics of this company.

We can report them as much we want, but when we as the customers strip them of their money they are powerless. Boycott AT&T Wireless, U-Verse, and Direct Tv today.

This person wrote the review wireless u verse direct tv from ATT. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants ATT to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Class action. we Need a huge class action case against these terriosts.

Dade City, Florida, United States #1176783

Since at&t took over Directv, they have decided to cut thousands of jobs and move them overseas. Directv had thousands of work from home jobs across various departments.

They say they are being cut due to security reasons, but the only breach that they have had was at a call center from another country and the chose to keep that call center open. So at&t is punishing innocent employees. What the real truth is that they are taking the jobs here in the United States and sending them to other countries to try and save money. AT&T is an evil company.

I for one will not be giving them any of my money.

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