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I have spent countless hours and days talking with 5 to 7 AT&;;;;T Manager's and Supervisors,with no Results! I have high speed internet with AT&;amp;amp;T I am a disabled man with no vehicle in the high desert Wi-Fi is extremely difficult to connect with so he's trying to make things easier for me with one provider I was not only persuaded but guaranteed instant result if I switched phone service provider from Cricket Wireless to a T and T where I could come by my bill all-in-one so I figured that would be an offer that would be good for me and easier for me so I provided them my IMEI number to switch over to AT&T service which day was supposed to send in the mail overnight or within 3 days it has been practically two months I have been without cell phone service I had to search for an alternative which has found a Wi-Fi free calling app on the Play Store I downloaded it and that was the only way that I could communicate with anything anyone by text messaging Gmail only on a Wi-Fi network unable to receive any incoming calls make any outgoing calls 0 unless I was connected to some sort of Wi-Fi this is unacceptable I have missed several doctors appointments I have not been able to obtain any type of Transportation I have no family no friends here for assistance it has been a living nightmare *** Without phone usage my service with Cricket was suspended due to non-payment because I used that bill money for them to transfer over to AT&T thinking that it would be easier for me to manage lo and behold I was compromised in every form shape and fashion however on the last cycle of my billing day with Cricket I was able to reactivate my service with them and save the phone number that I have had for a few years now but yet I am still getting billed from a t and t for A Wireless cell phone service that I never obtained l I am beyond upset feel betrayed is victimized and I need and should be compensated for my inconveniences credited some kind of way or made whole for going through two months of *** however I have not been at all with several attempts 2 hours is on hours VA transferred from one change to another and no one has any answers for me I need help I am on a fixed income and with this covid thing has really affected me in every way no service because of an error on their behalf they have put me through a living *** financially I am disabled man with health issues that requires me to have a way to communicate with health providers Etc.

this is a long confusing and drawn-out situation that must be resolved I am be on pissed I am livid! with no Condensation! so I am seeking out some help, I'm reaching out to you on this platform once again so I can be made whole! Continue to stand up for what is right!

I Deserve compansation for my Hardship and Extreame inconvenience to my way of life for a multimillion-dollar corporation such as AT&T I should in no way be left high and dry as a new customer and still a customer where it took them five minutes to get their money from out of my account it's taking me two months to have some type of communication! This is an unacceptable Behavior and way to start a business affair and I need my voice to be heard! Is that that's my reasoning for reaching out! your prompt results and response in this Matter would be greatly appreciative I am not a legal expert nor Attorney I am in this alone on my own without assistance but one thing I do have is a voice that will be heard in one form or another I've gotten immediate assistance and results in the past For a different issue I was very happy and im here once Again I need Help with this, Support again, if someone with the ability to help Me one who cares for the little Guy please I pray for your help and assistance, My Name is Kevin Thomas I can be reached at this email address cadilacchief@***.com I thank you for any assistance that you can provide to me!

your prompt response is needed! Thank you kindly

User's recommendation: Before you make a drastic change in your services please do your research and be assured that that you have a prompt transition in a timely manner!

Location: Palmdale, California

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