So i ordered my iphone in october and said to be delivered by end of october. So UPS delivered, and I wasn't there to sign for it.

You would expect UPS to deliver it the next day...NOPE, the day after...NOPE...next day...NOPE. So i filed a lost package with them (which i'm pretty sure their delivery person stole my phone). So 2 days later, I called AT&T to file a claim. AT&T customer service told me that it would solve a week later....NOW it's a week later, no phone.

I called AT&T, asked them whats going, just send me a new phone/package since you already charged me and everything, blah blah. They said they don't know, waiting for UPS to find the package itself. So i called UPS, and they told me AT&T still haven't send in the papers for the claim so that UPS will pay AT&T back when they do. SOO *** AT&T.

IF YOU DONE YOUR JOB OF SENDING IN THE PAPERWORK, MAYBE I WOULD HAVE MY PHONE BY NOW...BUT NOPE....still waiting...guess i won't even get it in a month. honestly, i understand its UPS fault for losing my package, but speed up the *** process. I been waiting FOREVER for my phone and still i have nothing in my hands.

just annoyed that AT&T reps dont even know what they are doing. GET SOME MORE TRAINING, BIOTCHEs.

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Oh, shut up, Peter. You're obviously biased because you work for the company and get paid to suck ***.

The point the OP made, was that if the reps were trained professionals that didn't read from scripts and weren't 90% from India and paid 3 cents an hour, *** would get done properly and people wouldn't go so long without service. You know, most places take an interest in customers, check on orders, make sure no one becomes disgruntled and cancels service.

ATT does the opposite. Keep defending your *** company.


Yeah, because ATT has magic powers to speed up UPS's processing of lost package requests. That is totally legit. ***.

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