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NEVER use At&t for internet service(or any service for that matter!) After everything that happened with my account back in July I had put it on Auto pay so I wouldn't have to worry about it. And I thought everything was fine, no phone calls from them or emails or anything.

So the 11th my internet stopped working and I called to find out why. Well they said I owed $145 so I called the bank and they hadn't been taking out the auto pay so on the 12th I paid all that was owed. When it didn't get turned back on then I called back to find out why. They told me "well your internet account has been disconnected for more than 15 days" and I said NO it's not even been disconnected for 24 hours.

And then they said "well that must have been a glitch, it shows here its been disconnected since August 18th." I'm like well it should have been on Auto pay and shouldn't have even ever been disconnected. She says well I have no evidence that your account was put on auto pay. So by this time I am REALLY flustered. So I ask, ok so I paid the bill can you please just turn my internet back on.

No she tells me "because your account was disconnected for more than 15 days we have to put in a new order for internet service. You won't have internet access until the 16th. Ok let me start putting in the order. I tell her Just forget it!

I don't want to deal with this BS month after month after month! It was ALL THEIR FAULT and I am the one that got screwed. So I called Directv because my hubby wanted us to get that tv service for a while and I figured I'd just use their internet service. Well I call them get everything for the tv set up and low and behold guess who is their internet provider?

AT&T!!!!! So I go ahead and place the order through them because it saves me $10 off my directv bill. Then after I place the order thinking it'll be the same date that AT&T gave me, the guy tells me ok it'll be up and running September 22! I was like what?

they just told me the 16th! Just like always "well I'm sorry mam there's nothing we can do about it!" So I waited. On the 19th I get a call from some one that was placing the At&t internet order because they were "missing information". I asked what information is missing.

She tells me "Your phone number". WHAT? The information that you are missing is the telephone number that YOU JUST CALLED ME ON?!?! So that was "taken care of" and I was assured that my internet would be up and running on Monday(9/22).

So I wait untill Monday. No internet service. Call up AT&T. Oh well the order wasn't placed until September 19th so you have to wait until the 24th.

Sorry nothing I can do about it. This is ALWAYS the case. It is ALWAYS some sort of "glitch" and ALWAYS "Sorry nothing we can do about it". And the "customer service" reps are always so rude!

I am in the process of writing a letter to the company, although I probably will NEVER hear anything from them.

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