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I had been with my previous cell phone carrier since 2003. I get a nice friendly call from at&t to better my plan.

I ported 2 numbers and it has been living ***!!!! People think twice before going to at&t it is a scam. My previous bill was 113.00 for unlimited service for both, i was offered 100.00 for both so ignorantly ignorantly i ported my 2 existing lines. OMG i received my 1st bill 330.00 wow.

I have called 4 days now, promise to get a call back nothing, i feel i am guna drop dead because of BP problems. I called again this morning, to my disbelief maam there was an extra charge because there was 2 more lines added WTH!! That phone was not ported the same day, Complete lie i went personally to an at&t store they ported for me that same afternoon. Now maan activation fee and they charge a month and a half, omg again i activated on 21st but the want to charge half a month of service and other fees i so regreat changing from my previous carrier.

Mind you at&t charged me for 4 phones only received 2, no credit given back. I adamantly beleive at&t faulsely offers speacials and do not keep their word, since you have already changed What the *** can you do. This is fraud and false advertising. I recorded the agent giving me promo initially.

I believe BBB shoud protect the consumer against this company that does not care for their customers. Let me add that i installed u-verse in december 2013 and every month have to call to get my bill corrected. Customer service and management are pathetic and very inconsiderate. People be aware do not change.

I should recieve some kind of incentive for all the trouble and calls i have placed. Mind you at&t reps promised the would call me back and resolve this, so i wait sitting down.

Monetary Loss: $330.

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