Overland Park, Kansas
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Maybe ATT’s new slogan should be “Damaging your World”, instead of “mobilizing your world”.

Not long ago ATT dug up my yard to put in their new “GIGA” lines. ATT hired a disreputable local Kansas City company called “Lantel” www.lantelkc.com to do the digging. During the digging, Lantel smashed a major water pipe in my yard. The careless digging caused Thousands of dollars in damage.

Simple enough…..just call ATT...right? After 20+ attempts to get an ATT decision maker, I realized that ATT senior managers will not talk to me. ATT CS told call Lantel here in KC directly.

I called Lantel, I was told I needed to talk to their VP. I tried……….he did not return any of the 10+ calls/messages I left for him. After months of no luck with Lantel, I went back to ATT. I was finally told that ATT was not liable as they didn’t do the work. Lantel has lied and said they didn’t do the work…even after seeing the pictures of their work.

Bottom line: ATT hired Lantel….Not me. ATT hired Lantel….Not me.

ATT not accept responsibility for the damage the company they hired to work on my property…..Pathetic

ATT “Damaging your World”

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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So you placed over 30 telephone calls ? At what point, if any, did you realize that your method was ineffective ?

Damage claims must be placed in writing and served via Certified Mail return receipt requested. You must substantiate your claims, place a cost value upon it, and state the remedy which will satisfy the claim. You must state a time period for action ( 7 business days is AOK ) prior to escalation of your claim. Be factual, be brief, be polite yet firm.

It is imperative that such claims be fully documented and placed in a verifiable timeline. Of course ATT ruined your property ; Dominion ruins mine and I watch them like a turkey vulture anytime they are around ....


Thanks, but Everything you suggested has been done long ago. I have an attorney working on this now and they have taken their tactics to avoid paying to a pathetic new level.

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