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About a year ago I purchased an iPad 64 3G. In the Moore County area of North Carolina I was told 3G coverage was coming anytime.

Several months went by and my data plan was useless with no 3G. I was told October 2010 3G coverage would be here. Well, it did not make it. The excuse given by an AT&T representative at the wireless store here said they were waiting on parts.

December came, I approached an asked an update, they said it would be up before the end f the month. I bought an iPad 3G for a present. End of December no 3G. Once per week through January and Febrary I asked for updates.

I was told they, the technicians, were having problems. On February 23 3G came on. BUT, it s NOT 3G the best I can get it 1.12 Mpgs . Verizon has full 4G coverage in our area.

I cannot believe that AT&T would allow inept and highly untrained technicians to do a simple upgrade. My friends contract is coming up with AT&T and his iPhone. Traveling outside our area he realizes the true potential.

His plans are giving AT&T one more week to straighten out their problems, and if they don't he s going over to Verizon and the 4G network with a new iPhone. I am so disappointed in AT&T.

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