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I was unable to pay our wireless bill in December due to me losing my job. I called att to make arrangements to pay since they were still charging me the monthly fees.

They said that they could not make arrangements and that they did not take partial payments. Turns out the first rep was wrong, they can take payments but would not not stop the cancellation that was due to happen until the full amount was paid. But before they cancelled the account that charged us an additional months fees even though the account was suspended and due for cancellation.

Now they are saying that not only would I have to pay the full months bills but there will be a deposit on top to pay before we can have service restored. It will cost months with no service and almost $ 1000.00 to have service back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Account.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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First of all, when your account is suspended, you continue to be charged the normal monthly charges that you normally would. And if you account is suspended for non-payment, you are charged a $40 restoral fee once the account is restored from that same state of non-payment. Also if your account is cancelled ATT always has to take a deposit before resuming the line.

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