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I was suppose to have my telephone service installed on yesterday between the hours of 8-6.I called AT&T two times as it was getting closer to 6pm, they assured me that they spoke with the technicians and that they would be there before 6pm.

Well they told a BIG FAT LIE...noone bothered to even call me or show up to my house!!! When I called back the last time they told me that it is gone have to be tomorrow and I told them that I was told today....well they said that they couldn't do anything about it. Well I have news for them today because I do not want their service at all and I sticking with mediacom. They really suck and I really wish I wouldn't have never fooled with them at all.

Now I have to go through all this red tape to get my $50.00 back into my account.I am very pissed with AT&T.


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Hartshorne, Oklahoma, United States #388569

Please accept my apologies for experience.We greatly value your time at AT&T.

I would be delighted to investigate this on your behalf and get an appointment scheduled at your earliest convenience. Please email me at attTorandoW@att.com with pissed customer Review #:280253 in the subject field. Also include your account information and contact number in the body of the email.

Thank you!TorandoW-at&t social media manager

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