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I've kept notes, I have many customer service reps names and badge numbers. Here's the short story.

Called sales on September 29th for home DSL. I needed net ASAP. What sold me on AT&T was they said I'd have my DSL motem delivered to me by that weekend, but the tech would be there in 2-3 days. I paid $150.

My motem was delivered on time, but the papers inside said the tech would not be out until October 8th. This was unacceptable to me. That was not what I was told when I signed up. And the tech didn't need to come into my house either.

So I called back October 2nd, all I wanted was my net installed when I was told it would be.

First customer rep said he couldnt help me, but that his manager could.

Asked for the manager. Manager told me he couldn't help me, but that the customer loyalty department could.

Got to customer loyalty, got a rep named Jeralyn. We talked about the similarities of our name for a minute. She asked me how I spell it. So I spelled my name. Call was disconnected.

I called right back!! Wasted no time, only hit redial.

Talked to CS rep, was told my account was cancelled. I NEVER SAID TO CANCEL!! You guys record conversations. Can't you go listen to mine?? First CS rep couldn't help me. She transferred me to a manager.

Manager couldn't help me. He transfered me somewhere new.

The new department magically lost my account. It was if I never even called. They couldn't find anything under our name or address. They couldn't see the $150 I paid out 3 days prior. How interesting!

Needless to say they bounced me from dept to dept.

The 9th (the ninth person!!! That's ridiculous!) said the only thing they could do was run my credit again, and make a brand new acct.

did you know everytime a company looks into your credit, your credit score drops? And y'all had just looked at it and approved it 4 days prior!!

I was not happy by this point.

So, I've been bounced around and around, same story. I talk to the 14th person, and it's 7pm. I had been on the phone with y'all for 5hrs by this point. All of a sudden that rep find my account! So now it has magically REAPPEARED! Wow! And she says everything is fine, but they can't get my service any sooner. It will have to be set on on October 8th.

So I'm exhausted by this point. What I thought would be a 30 minute call tops has turned into all day. I cancelled plans I had with my kids. I was tired of talking. So forget it, just set it up on the 9th.

The 9th comes, it's supposed to be on at 8pm. So I sit there for an hour trying to get the lights on my motem to turn green, no luck.

I call AT&T tech. Low and. Behold, "ma'am, that acct was cancelled". A whole week, I never got a refund, or even a letter saying it was cancelled! That tech couldn't help, said I needed to call in the morning.

Here I go. It's now October 10th. Call you guys, and yes, it was cancelled. I'm pissed. But I need net, y'all have a monopoly in my area. I can't go anywhere else. Only way to fix this is to make a new acct.

I thought this rep was extremely helpful! He thought what I had been thru was crazy. He was GOING to make it right.

So ok, run my *** credit again. What he did was this:

Made a new acct, to be set up on the 13th. He worked things out to where I would only have to pay $50 this time. He also said he was going to have a tach come into my house to have him set it up for me, he said he felt so bad for all I had been to, and he wanted to make things perfect and easy from there on out. I read my credit card info to him. Now I'm in the hole to AT&T for $200. He needed to transfer me to another dept to have me check and see if I could get my order (installation) expedited. He also said this other dept would get my original $ back to me within a week. He was supposed to stay on the line to help me. I stayed on hold for over 30 minutes.

The next dept wasn't the right one and my rep disappeared! The dept needed to transfer me yet again!

Now it's 4:45. I get a customer rep. This girl says that the last guy didn't put my payment in. So all she could do was.......run my credit again and make a new account!

So now I have had 3 account, run my credit 3 times! Been talking with AT&T a total of 11 hours!!! All to get DSL in my house! That's horrible!

So this manager I've now been transferred to makes a new acct, with a new credit check. All of a sudden they need $150 from me!

#1 just 2 hours prior I only had to pay $50, how'd that change so dramatically, so quickly?

#2 I already paid $150!

So I tell them, "NO!"

Y'all have never returned me my original $150. You need to make an acct and transfer my old payment over. The way things had gone so far, coupled with the fact that my payment hadn't been returned from 2 weeks ago, I was too scared to have a total of $300 "disappear".

Eventually, 3 reps later, they said they were able to transfer my original $150 to this new acct, and that they would have my net turned on by the 14th.

I received a text from AT&T on October 12th saying

AT&T Msg: Internet svc active by 8pm 10/13. Setup: att.com/esupport/article.jsp?sid=KB420520 If issue after 8pm reply HELP for agent. Reply STOP to opt out

It never came on, we called tech support and were told no, you have it scheduled for the 14th!!!

Well, guess what? Yesterday was the 14th. I tried for an hour last night (AGAIN!!!) to get the lights on the motem to turn green. And AGAIN it doesn't work. Called tech support and they can't even find my acct, so AGAIN my acct just disappeared.

How in the world is this acceptable?

Why can't somebody get me the service I paid for, and turned on quickly since I've been waiting for it to be installed since October 8th?

Somebody needs to have the ability to go listen to every call I made! Y'all record those calls!

What the *** is the problem!

I need my service that I paid for!

At the very least, shouldn't my money have been returned to me by now?

Someone please freaking help! Please get this turned on!

15hrs worth of phone calls. 22 AT&T employees.

September 29th: First acct: 0630460932

October 10th: second acct: 0630840938

October 10th: third acct: 0630210940

Product or Service Mentioned: Att Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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This is about as Clueless as it gets. File complaint online with FCC, CPUC/PUC& The Attorney Generals Office.

File online it is faster.

Please go to my post on this site HELD HOSTAGE ATT UVERSE


Write a FAT letter.. Like copy and past this to ATT corporate offices and threaten a lawsuit against them.

I'd sue the *** out of them for the fraudulence and your trouble. 2 months ago they started having "billing issues" and started rolling months together and expecting the customers to pay two months into one. I just started peeling phone lines off and that got fixed quickly. They've also been known to randomly over charge peoples bills as well..

There is a lawsuit against them for that as well because it's effected so many customers. Best luck to you!

Keep us updated. I wanna know what happened.

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