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I have two iPhone's on my account (a 4 and a 4S) and have been with AT&T for about two and a half years. I also have held a Uverse account with them for around a year now. I am very pleased with my Uverse TV and Internet; I wish I could say the same about the wireless service.

In a nutshell, we have no signal in our apartment (top/third floor). The city we live in is notorious for spotty signal strength (particularly with AT&T) as it is a heavily wooded area. The strange thing is that up until about six weeks ago, we could at LEAST go out on our patio to make a call...but not anymore. I wont exaggerate and say I never get signal. If we go on the patio, we MIGHT get lucky and get two or three bars, but the phone call will still drop within a few minutes. If we need to make an important phone call that we cant risk getting disconnected from (ie. sitting on hold), we have to go all the way downstairs to the parking lot.

I have complained about this issue to AT&T several times in passing, but didn't call for this specific reason until today. The man I spoke with kept me on the line for fifteen minutes: he asked for my home address, looked at his information, and stated that we should be receiving very good signal, 3G and 4G data coverage. I explained to him that while we DO get data without issue, the signal strength remains incredibly weak in our home. He then repeated to me that his information says otherwise (as i'm standing in the parking lot, mind you).

He suggested that maybe the issue lie with our iPhone's. I told him that this is not the problem as 1) we get perfect signal at work and 2) friends and family who also have AT&T experience the same problem when visiting my home, regardless of the type of phone they have.

I informed the rep that the last time I spoke to someone, they tried to have me purchase the Microcell. I would LOVE to have one. My father, who lives two blocks away, received one (free) and has not had an issue with making/receiving calls since installing it. The rep told me there was "nothing he could do". I mentioned the Microcell to him and that, considering we have been loyal customers for nearly three years and hold two separate accounts with AT&T, we feel that providing this product to us free of charge is not a outrageous thing to request.

He told me he could not help me and transferred me to "technical support" who was closed. I suppose I'll be calling again tomorrow, but I'd really like to be able and email AT&T DIRECTLY (not via their website) to complain, but I don't have the email address I would need to send to.

Hoping this is resolved soon. Otherwise, we wont be renewing our wireless contract when that time comes.

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Hi. I saw your post and wanted to offer my professional assistance.

Please know that there are some instances where a specific location may not be ideal for cellular phone service. The area you described fits thta very description. I believe a Microcell will be a great help to you. When they were released, there were coupons and special offers, but I apologize, those have long passed.

The only way to get a Microcell is to purchase one from an AT&T owned store for only $199.99. Feel free send your contact information, account information and all relevant details to along with your user name in the subject line.

I am here 11am to 8pm CST Monday through Friday. Sam L: Social Media Manager

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